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Baku Dapa: A Favourite Seminyak Warung

Baku Dapa Food Shot

Last trip in 2014 we discovered Baku Dapa. We loved it. Best corn fritters in Bali that we’ve tried. Ox tail soup and Nasi Campur BakuDapa (the one with the spicy Rica Chicken) were great also. So good that its exactly what we ordered this time.

People Who Love to Eat Are Always the Best People

When planning this trip I was so annoyed with myself that I could not find the name of that place with the great Oxtail soup and more local feel that fed us so well. Thank you Google. After a few searches I recognised a photo. Perfect. Felt so relieved. Then. Then I read a travellers comment “so disappointed they closed down”. Gutted. A week past and planning again had a desire for an Oxtail Soup. So thats what I searched. “Best Oxtail soup in Seminyak”. Baku Dapa kept coming up. Then I saw another comment. “Moved to a new location but still worth a visit” I was stoked.

The New Baku Dapa

Inside the new Baku Dapa

First day in Seminyak. You guessed it. Straight to Baku Dapa for lunch. As much as I liked the old restaurant, I love the new. Still a really authentic feel. As mentioned, we knew what we were ordering before we got there. But we still had a look at the menu. It looked so good we almost changed our minds. But we didn’t. Could not wait.

Baku Dapa Aerial Food Shot

Corn Fritters. The Best. Oxtail Soup. Also so good. And the Spicy Rica Chicken really made for a special Nasi Campur. Enough said. If you want great Indonesian food go to Baku Dapa. Next time we are in Seminyak I can say we will re-visit. Can’t wait.

Baku Dapa: A close up of the Rica Rica Chicken

The Details

Baku Dapa (Open 24 Hours 7 Days)

Jl. Mertanadi 48 Kerobokan, Bali
(0361) 8078788

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  1. My husband and I ate here yesterday on your recommendation – we’re fortunate enough to be staying in a villa not far away. I had the Nasi Campur and yes, it’s excellent for the reasons you mention – I asked for extra of the Spicy Rica Sauce. Frank had fish done the same way and Gado Gado, which was also delicious. Amazingly, this restaurant claims to be open 24 hours a day (we’re not prepared to test the theory!).

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