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Why A Bali Cooking Class Might Be Just What You Need

Bali Cooking Class

Chris and I love to cook. And Eat. So naturally, we try to do cooking classes wherever we go. We’ve done a couple of cooking classes in Bali, and it really added to our whole Bali experience. But this is about you, and why a Bali Cooking Class might be just what you need.

Why A Bali Cooking Class?

Well, it does help if you like to cook, but strangely enough cooking isn’t the only perk. You don’t need to have any cooking knowledge, and one of the best parts is the amazing food you get to eat. It’s a great introduction to Balinese and Indonesian cuisine, getting to cook and taste some of Bali’s best dishes.

Especially in Bali, I’ve found some of the best food is actually at the cooking classes.

Bali Chili

Besides tasting and cooking great Balinese food, cooking classes often involve a local market tour. Hectic markets filled with locals shopping for fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, spices. It’s a journey for the senses.

Bali Markets


Bali Fruit

With both of the cooking classes we did, we left not just with full stomachs and recipes, but with a better knowledge of Bali’s food culture and the way of life of the Balinese people. And that’s really what makes a Balinese cooking class a memorable experience.

If you asked me what I remember from my cooking classes, the first things I think of aren’t about cooking, but about Bali life. That Balinese people live in compounds and generations all live together, that they have religious statues in their compounds and if the family comes into any money they upgrade their statues to honour their religion. I remember learning that one of our guides has only one motorbike for 6 people in the family. I remember learning that females do the day to day cooking whilst males do the cooking preparation for ceremonies.

And on top of all that, you have some recipes to try out at home, a greta way to extend your Bali holiday. And it’s also a great way to meet people and enjoy your day together.

What Bali Cooking Class Should You Do?

We have done two different cooking classes in Bali, both we loved. They are:

Lobong Cooking Class

This is located near Ubud, and involves a local market tour and cooking in a family compound.

Bumbu Bali Cooking Class

This is located in Tanjung Benoa and also involves a local market tour and cooking class. Bumbu Bali also have a great restaurant too!

Bumbu Bali Cooking Class

Other Cooking Class Options:

After a little research, these seemed to be well reviewed Bali cooking classes…

Have you done a Bali Cooking Class or is it something that interests you?


  1. We just took your recommendation and did the Lobong class yesterday. It was an amazing experience – thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Ruma, A lot of what you cook at Bali cooking classes is actually vegetarian, with vegetable and tofu dishes featuring in most of the classes we have done. Before you book, just mention it and they may even be able to organise some alternative dishes to replace the meat dishes for you. Tempe Manis is one of our favourite Balinese dishes… and it’s vegetarian :)

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