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Bali Events Calendar

Our calendar of Bali events provides you with important dates for Balinese holidays, ceremonies, festivals, conferences, religious days and more.

Bali Culture

Bali Events – 2015


  • New Years Day (1st): Celebrations of the new year continue during the day.


  • Chinese New Year (19th): A celebration of chinese new year.


  • Nyepi Day (21st): Bali New Year/Bali day of “silence”. This day is a day of reflection, fasting and meditation. Complete silence for the entire island of Bali. No taxis. No traffic. Minimum staff at hotels. Airport closed.
  • Bali Spirit Festival (31st March – 5th April): An annual celebration of yoga, dance and music in Ubud.


  • National Awakening Day (20th): A public holiday in Indonesia which celebrates the five principles of Indonesian State Philosophy.
  • Pager Wesi (6th): Ceremonies for strong mental and physical health.


  • Bali Arts Festival (11th June – 9th July): A month long celebration of Balinese Culture, predominantly in Bali’s Capital Denpasar.


  • Bali Kite Festival: a fun day out on Sanur beach, where teams from the villages of Denpasar fly giant kites as a religious ceremony. It is aimed to send a message to the gods to have healthy crops and harvests. It’s also a great sight to see too.
  • Galungan Day (15th): A 10 day celebration of the return of the Balinese Gods and victory of virtue over evil.
  • Kuningan Day (25th): Celebrated 10 days after Galungan day signifying the end of the new year holiday.


  • Independence Day (17th): Commemorates the day Indonesia sort Independence, mainly celebrated amongst locals, where you may see dancing and processions. Hotels and restaurants etc usually unaffected.


  • Sanur Village Festival (24th – 28th): A major tourist attraction which has water sports, activities, food and music.


  • Ubud writers and readers festival (1st – 5th): A gathering of writers (of all genre’s) from around the world – this years theme “Through darkness to light”.
  • Kuta Karnival: An annual festival in Kuta established after the Bali Bombings to rebuild spirit and tourism. Enjoy music, food, competitions, beach activities, parades and much more!


  • Bali International Jazz Festival: Musicians from all over the world join for this major event, held in Kuta.
  • Nusa Dua Fiesta: Celebrations in Nusa Dua, including music, arts, food and sports.


  • Pager Wesi (2nd): Ceremonies for strong mental and physical health.
  • Christmas Day (25th): Mainly celebrated by tourists and Balinese of the christian faith.
  • New Years Eve (31st): Celebrations take place at resorts, restaurants and various locations in Bali.


  1. hello mandy and chris

    wanting to travelling bali and would like to stay in ubud
    which is a best accomdation at a reasonable price
    would i be able to make the booking myself or is better to go through a travel urgent
    kind regards

    1. Hi Nagammal,
      Ubud has lots of beautiful accommodation so you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s hard to say without knowing a bit more, e.g. who you are travelling with (friends, family, partner) and if you want to stay in the village itself or on the outskirts. By reasonable what price range where you thinking? Let us know and we’ll get back to you.
      As for booking, we generally use Agoda for Bali, which is simple and easy to use :)

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