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62 Bali Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Bali

Here are some of our favourite Bali photos to help you plan your Bali vacation, daydream about a future holiday or reminisce about your last. We love Bali and the many different sides it has…

View of Uluwatu

Local Work In Nusa Lembongan

Bali OFferings

Sky at Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan

Fruit in Bali

Bali Transport

Everyday Life in Padang bai

View from Taxi in Bali

Reeds of Grass

Balinese Man

Dream Beach, Bali

Jimbaran Bay Seafood Markets

Nusa Lembongan Road

Local Soccer Field in Ubud

Bali Airport

Bali Bikes

Bali Flowers

Bali Fruit and Vegetables

Balinese Food

Fresh Fruit

Local Bali Markets

Rambutan Fruit

Eggs from Bali Markets

Balinese Fruit Basket

Bali Markets

Rooster in Bali

Balinese Statue

Balinese Music

Finns Beach Club, Bali

Lombok Landscape

Seminyak Sunset

Bali Water

Making Offerings in Bali

Bikes In Bali

Man in Rice fields, Ubud

Beach at Nusa Lembongan

Frangipani, Bali

Green Leaves

Local Stalls, Padang Padang

Nusa Lembongan Greenery

Bali Rice Fields

Balinese Statue

Padang Padang

Seminyak Beach


View of Devils Tear, Nusa Lebongan

Uluwatu Beach

Gili Trawangan View

Gili Trawangan Sunset

Dream Beach

Padang Padang Beach

Jimbaran Bay

Balinese Water Feature

Flying To Bali

Jimbaran Bay Boats

Beautiful Gili Trawangan

Gili Sunset

Beginning of Bali Sunset

Ubud Markets, Bali

Devils Tear in Nusa Lembongan

Natural Salt Maker in Bali

Padang Padang, Bali


  1. Hi Mandy and Chris

    Your’s website was awesome.
    I am planning to go there on this coming 17th
    for about five days.

    But quite a little bit of worry regarding the earthquake.
    Wish me the best for my first time journey to Indonesia.
    A lot of thank you, because your website become my first guide to plan my holiday.

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thanks so much :) How exciting! As far as I can tell the earthquake didn’t have too much of an effect on Bali itself, so I would try not to worry too much. Hope you have a fabulous holiday!

  2. We have just returned from Bali and also met the local man from the rice fields in Ubud who we recruited as our guide :)
    What a beautiful place.

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