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How To Go-Jek In Bali – Food Delivery

How To Go-Jek In Bali

One thing that never changes is we all need to eat. We always love going out and trying new restaurants and warungs but sometimes all we want is to stay in. The Go-Jek app is such a good option to have in the back of your mind if the tropical rains kick in or your just exhausted from a day exploring Bali. Go-Jek is a lot more than just food delivery (transport, shopping, etc. even massage) however we love the Go-Food part of Go-Jek.

Why Go-Jek?

A lot of restaurants will offer delivery which, in some cases might be better, but as an overall service Go-Jek is a clear winner. There is such a great selection across Bali which if you’re not sure what you want it is better than searching who delivers.
We have tried Go-Jek and directly organising delivery with restaurants many times. The restaurants we have ordered from tend to cater to delivery pretty well. We have ordered anything from curries, through to chinese or pizza. We even have used Go-Jek for Ice cream, which you can see how that turned out in the video above.

How It Works

  • Download the Go-Jek App.
  • Create a profile.
  • Within Go-Food search menus and find what you feel like to eat.
  • Make your Order, Fill in all your delivery details. Pretty accurate but if in doubt you can add additional notes to your address. I would recommend not providing your room number, and just letting reception know to call you when your food arrives. (You can check how far away it is too with the app).
  • After you place your order, the closest driver will accept your job. They will call you to confirm the order within a few minutes. If you do not have an local sim card, speak to your hotel and see if you can use the hotels phone number if your are concerned about international calls.
  • The order tracking is really great. Accurate every time for us, which is so good. This is such a perk when compared to getting restaurants to deliver and saying a blanket 45mins which could mean 20 mins or over an hour. This way you can stalk your delivery ;)
  • Payment. You can load up your account or pay cash to the delivery person. The driver will have a receipt of order from the restaurant, plus the Go-Jek delivery fee which is pretty much what any place will charge for delivery anyway. This is also indicated on the app before submitting your oder.
  • Eat and Enjoy!

Go-Jek Gusto Gelato Delivery

Try to be mindful that they do not have hot/cold boxes. We have ordered ice-cream which came with ice and was perfect, but we have had some cold pizza in the past when we chose a place further away. Try to order as close by as you can to avoid the cold or the soggy. Its a great alternative to room service and a way to get what you really feel like.

Next rainy night or lazy afternoon, give Go-Jek a go.

Have you used Go-Jek and Go-Food? What was your experience?


  1. Hello I have restaurant in Seminyak and I want to join go food how can I have information and how I can make contract?

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