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Our InterContinental Bali Review

Chris and I have been lucky enough to stay at the InterContinental Bali Resort a handful of times. Now when we go back, it almost feels like our Bali home. The traditional Balinese music plays in the background, the welcome Balinese drink with lemongrass stirrer comes out, along with the cold refreshing towel. Balinese hospitality is unlike anywhere else in the world. And our time at the InterContinental Bali resort is filled with unique memories.

InterContinental Bali: Our First Impressions

Balinese Gardens

We first stayed at the InterContinental Bali resort in 2011, almost 4 years ago, and have stayed there a few times since. The resort is quite large with sprawling grounds filled with traditional Balinese gardens, pools, statues and other amenities. That’s the one thing I remember about our first stay, how it wasn’t just a 5 star resort that happened to be in Bali, but that they had truly integrated Bali into the resort, the design and architecture, the landscape, the people.

Intercontinental Bali Pool

Location, Location, Location

If you have read a few other pages on our blog, you will know we love Jimbaran. This is where you will find the InterContinental Bali, right on the beach, near the southern end (the end that has the best seafood restaurants on the beach… if you ask me!). Jimbaran can be polarising, with some people putting it into the “its just 5 star resorts and nothing else” category, but I think that would be a huge mistake. It’s home to some of the best local markets, has a much nicer beach than those near Kuta, and although it doesn’t have the streets filled with restaurants and shops that Seminyak does, it has some great food experiences and it feels like you are staying in a real Balinese community. Jimbaran is about 15 minutes from Bali Airport and about 30 minutes (which can turn into a lot longer depending on traffic) from Seminyak.

Intercontinental On The Beach

The Room

We have stayed in both a resort classic room and a Singaraja room. Both room types have a traditional Balinese design, large bathrooms, and a balcony. The main differences I found with the Singaraja room, was that they were positioned closer to the pool, breakfast, hotel reception etc, and the view from the balcony was nicer. The rooms were fairly similar to the Singaraja room just being a step up. And the Singaraja rooms have a separate Singaraja concierge service. Both rooms were great, but for the price difference, I would go with the Singaraja Room. There are also other room types available too.


Beyond The Room

As mentioned, the grounds are pretty large, filled with pools, water features, Balinese Gardens, it’s all pretty beautiful. They also have a handful of different restaurants on the grounds, including an Italian and a Japanese restaurant to name a few. They also have a swim up bar in the pool, fitness facilities, spa and other activities you can take part in (like cycling tours or Balinese cooking classes).

Balinese Statues

Almost Landing Loves

Location on the beach

Traditional Balinese Design & Architecture

Huge Range Of Facilities Available

The Details

InterContinental Bali

Jalan Uluwatu 45, Jimbaran

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If you have any questions about Jimbaran, accommodation or Bali we would be happy to answer them in the comments below…


  1. Hi and thanks for a nice blog,
    We will be coming to Bali in july and first stay in the Seminyak area to enjoy some surf and then head to the Le Meridien in Jimbaran bay. We enjoy good hotels but like to eat “local” and they don’t have to be fancy. What are your best recommendations within a 15 minute walk from the hotel?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Felix,
      Thanks so much!
      Ok, for Seminyak, in terms of warungs (local very casual restaurants) we like Baku Dapa and Warung Sulawesi. Seminyak has a lot of ‘fancier’ restaurants, but the ones that actually make Indonesian food are Merah Putih and Chandi, and we loved both! In terms of just a local feel, rather than food, Watercress is nice and less touristy, but still very expat-y, and for coffee we thought Moose Espresso Bar had more of a local vibe then some others, and Revovler has some of the best coffee.

      As for Jimbaran, on our last trip we tried Warung Bunana, which is actually more like Roti’s and curries, but that was great and had an extremely local feel. We also went to Cuca, and I have to say this is probably one of the best restaurants in the area. The interiors are really nice but the food is for sharing which gives it a slightly more casual atmosphere. And of course the seafood warungs, which are right out the front of where you are staying (there are 2 other areas further north of you, but this area is my favourite), some of our favourites include Made Bagus and Teba Mega.

      Hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions :)

  2. Hi there,

    I am headed to Bali in a few days and we are staying at the Intercontinental Resort in Jimbaran. I was just wondering if you had any recommendations of good restaurants in the area.


    1. Hi Lucy, how exciting… you will love the Intercontinental Resort, we will be staying there again in a few weeks :)

      As for dinner options, there are fewer options then in the Seminyak area, but that’s not to say there aren’t some great restaurants there.

      At the InterCon itself, Bella Cucina is a great Italian restaurant. We would also definitely recommend the Seafood Restaurants/Warungs just outside the Intercon on the beach, to the left. There are lines of different restaurants, just pick one which looks relatively busy and you can also go inside and pick your own seafood. There is also a delicious food stall selling charcoal corn on the beach, which is one of my favourite things.

      Aside from these, I have heard great things about Cuca and Sundara, but am yet to try them first hand.

      You can also venture out a little, and try El Kabron Spanish restaurant in Pecatu, Bumbu Bali in Tanjung Benoa (some of the best Balinese food you’ll taste), and a lunch/day at Finns Beach Club.

      Have a great time in Bali!

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