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Seasalt Seminyak: A Sustainable Seafood Restaurant By The Beach

Seminyak is full of amazing restaurants, so many it can get overwhelming when it comes to deciding on where to eat. One place that you should definitely visit is Seasalt, an amazing seafood restaurant in Seminyak. We think this is one of the best restaurants in Seminyak, with a perfect combination of delicious food, its location right on the beach, friendly staff and sustainable practices. Find out why we love it in our Seasalt Seminyak review below.


Seasalt Restaurant is located just off the beach at Alila Seminyak hotel in the Petitinget area of Seminyak. Sea breeze, waves crashing, what more can you ask for? It also makes for a great location to watch the sunset.

Seasalt Restaurant Alila Seminyak Beach

The Seasalt Restaurant Concept

We love the concept of Seasalt with its focus on sustainability and using local produce. The wild-caught seafood, their own hydroponic garden but also notably the salt. They source their natural and organic Kusamba salt from salt farmers in East Bali, who produce salt the traditional way. We have actually visited salt farmers in this area before and its an interesting experience to see the process and love to see the traditional method being used.

Sunset Cocktails In Seminyak At Seasalt

During any Bali trip, sunset drinks are always on the mind. The sustainable cocktails at Seasalt are definitely memorable. Our favourite, Black Sesame, was exactly as it sounds and with delicious, smooth sesame flavours. The Stretched Pineapple follows the zero-waste and sustainable cocktail concept, creatively using every part of the pineapple in this tasty cocktail. The White Negroni was also great as I’m sure the whole cocktail list is.

See the current Seasalt cocktail list here.

Seminyak Beach Sunset At Seasalt Restaurant

Sustainable Cockails In Seminyak Seasalt

Dinner At Seasalt Seminyak

So you have soaked up the concept and the location, ordered some amazing cocktails, now its time for dinner. Our dinner started with a Seasalt ritual. Out comes some freshly baked sourdough bread and a mound of black crusty sea salt. This gets mesmerizingly cracked open and the salt crumbles away revealing the special condiment. Nori seaweed is cut open to reveal a mixture of mackerel fish and mayonnaise. A great way to start a night of amazing seafood on Seminyak beach.

Seasalt Special Condiment Nori Seaweed Mackerel

This was our second visit to Seasalt and everything we have ever tried here has been amazing. Our highlight dishes are definitely the “72 hours” Wagyu Short Rib and Signature dish, the Snapper in Seasalt.

The Wagyu short rib was served with wasabi mash, pickled pumpkin, and edamame. Wow. Such an amazing dish and the wagyu with the wasabi was so delicious and just melted in your mouth.

72 Hours Wagyu Short Rib Seasalt
72 hours Wagyu Short Rib

Being at a seafood restaurant that highlights sea salt, not only as a seasoning but as an ingredient, how could we not get the Snapper in Seasalt. This signature dish did not disappoint. After the fish is done baking for about 20 minutes it gets displayed in all its glory covered in aromatic salt and seashells. It’s a stunning work of art yet still seems natural. We opted to have it filleted but you can also have it served as a whole fish. The fillets were packed with flavour which was intensified by the salt. Such an incredible piece of fish and as it was filleted perfectly for us, was easy to eat.

Whole Snapper Baked In Aromatic Salt Signature Dish
Snapper In Seasalt


Snapper In Seasalt Fillet

If you are considering dessert, even if your not, try the Chocolate Fondant. This is a heavenly yet richly satisfying way to end your meal here. Our last visit was just before Christmas and we were lucky enough to be able to taste some special desserts that were coming out for Christmas. They were both delicious and am sure that as with the cocktails and food here, all the desserts would be amazing too.

See the current Seasalt Seminyak dinner menu here.

Chocolate Fondant Seasalt Restaurant
Chocolate Fondant

Seasalt Restaurant Seminyak Desserts

Dessert Seasalt Restaurant

Beyond The Food

Seasalt is a stunning restaurant with a beautiful design enhanced by its perfect location by the beach. It has a great layout and tables, especially the outdoor tables at sunset. The staff are all so friendly and we loved chatting with everyone we met and hearing about the sustainable practices of Seasalt.

Seasalt Restaurant Design And Layout

If you’re trying to decide where to eat dinner in Seminyak, looking for a great seafood restaurant or you just want an amazing place for sunset cocktails on the beach, then Seasalt Seminyak is an incredible option.

The Details

Seasalt Seminyak

Jl. Taman Ganesha no. 9, Petitenget (Within Alila Seminyak)

Every day from 12 PM to 11 PM

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Let us know if you have any questions about our Seasalt Seminyak review in the comments below…

For our second visit, we were guests of Seasalt, but as always, all of our opinions are our own, and we take our food seriously ;) This article was in collaboration with our stay at Alila Seminyak

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