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Trip To Bali & More Exciting News…

Trip to Bali

Big News!

So this is a little late to post… but our next trip to Bali is now! We are so excited to be back in Bali! We arrived just in time for NYE and have loved every minute 2016 has given to us so far. We will also be back in Bali towards the end of the year so let us know what you would like to see or share more of with you guys. This year for us is going to be a massive one. We are so happy to announce that not only are we in Bali now until the end of January, but we are actually travelling for the whole year! We will also be sharing all of our travels on our other blog so follow along as we try to share the best new content yet and build both blogs into something special :) Check Out our announcement on to see where we are heading…

Our Trip To Bali 2016

We are currently spending another month in Bali… it really feels like a second home now :) This trip we are visiting these areas:

Most of these areas we have stayed in before, if not visited, but there is always something new to do or see in Bali so we can’t wait to explore :) So expect many upcoming posts on all these different areas in Bali to help you plan your trip. You can also follow our trip on social media:

Our Year Of Travel

As much as we love Bali, and will always make frequent trips back here, we also want to explore the rest of the world more :) We are travelling throughout Asia & Europe all year and can’t wait to share stories, tips, photos & videos with you all at

Let Us Know What Bali Posts You Want To See More Of…

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