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Walks In Ubud: Experience the Natural Side to Bali

Walks In Ubud (Jl. Kajeng Walk)

When you go to Ubud you expect to see lush green rolling rice terraces and greenery everywhere, and you want to do some great walks in Ubud that show you this natural side to Bali. We have done a few walks directly from Ubud Centre. Some better than others. Some paved walking tracks others overgrown dirt tracks. Ultimately you decide what’s right for you but here are some of our favourite walks in Ubud.

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Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk

We loved this walk, it’s probably one of our favourite walks in Ubud. Definitely go early, not only to escape the heat but also to see the school kids starting their day. At this time you might even catch a couple of locals who do the walk every morning and have a chat. Alternatively, do this walk in the late afternoon when the sun is not as strong, but you would want to be back before dark. This walk is definitely a green walk, but not for rice terraces or rice fields. The Campuhan Ridge Walk is more I guess a “Scenic Paved Jungle” than “Rice Terrace”.

  • Paved Track, well maintained
  • Popular
  • Beautiful Greenery – Trees, Hills
  • Not ideal to see Rice terraces/fields until you reach the end and you see some

Campuhan Ridge Walk Ubud

How To Get There:

How to Get to the Campuhan Ridge Walk Ubud And What to Expect

Walk out to Sari Organik

Sari Organik Walk

This is a popular walk also. We call it the Sari Organik walk because the first time we did this walk we ended up at Sari Organik! This is definitely a nice walk and is an easy going walk also. You get to see a bit of everything, rice fields, local arts and crafts, ducks. You also have a number of good food options with rice field views, like Pomegranate and Sari Organik.

  • Rice Fields
  • Good food choice’s
  • Nice Track

How To Get There:

Sari Organik Sign

If starting from Ubud Traditional Market, follow Jl. Raya Ubud towards the bridge. Walk on the right side of the road. Just before you get to that part of the road covered in hanging vines and trees keep your eyes peeled for signs to Sari Organik. The turn looks like more of a big driveway than a road. From here you just need to look out for the signs but it is hard to miss you only really have one choice once you have turned up the path. Enjoy your walk!

Kajeng Village + Subak Juwuk Manis Rice Field Walk

Jl Kajeng Walk Farmer

We like this walk a lot. We felt it had a slightly more authentic feel. Even though you need to walk through shops until it opens up to rice fields.

Jl Kajeng Walk Temple

But this into account appears to be less popular than some of the other walks in Ubud, but with no reason not to be more popular. Nice rice fields, temples, animals, farmers and locals going about their daily lives.

Jl Kajeng Walk Ducks

  • Road/track combo
  • Nice temples along the way
  • Rice fields
  • Good balance of quiet, yet nice track
  • Can be done as a loop

How To Get There:

As the Kajeng rice fields walk can be done as a loop, you can take your pick from two starting points.

Option 1: Just find Jl. Kajeng and get walking :)

Jalan Kajeng Walk Start

Jl Kajeng Walk Sign


Option 2: Just head along Jl. Raya Ubud. If you start at the Traditional Markets head towards the Bridge, walking on the right side of the road :) The are a few ‘rice field view’ walks along here so keep an eye out for the sign saying ‘Subak Juwuk Manis (Magical Rice Field In Ubud)’

This option is a lot more maintained than it used to be but in parts you still might wonder if you are heading to the right place, but after a couple of minutes, you will definitely know you found the rice fields ;). If you get hungry, Sweet Orange is a great warung to stop and take it all in.

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Subak Juwuk Manis Once It Opens Up

Rice Terrace Tours

You can do Rice Terrace Tours nearby Ubud, such as visiting Tegalalang Rice terraces, however, you will need to get transport there.

There may also be Rice Terrace Tours offered by your hotel or other companies. We did a Ubud Rice Terrace Walking Tour when we stayed at Alila Ubud which was so good, we loved it.

Alila Ubud Walk

Doing walks around some hotels in Ubud with those that live and know the area is often just as good, but definitely easier than trying to get that ‘authentic’ feel by yourself. You can walk through rice terraces only a few lucky visitors have seen. If walking is not your thing then the bike ride we did whilst at Padma Resort Ubud went through surrounding villages and you pass some beautiful rice terraces also.

Padma Ubud Bike Ride Rice Field

Get That Ubud Feeling

Definitely try to do more than one. If you are staying in Ubud centre then perhaps Campuhan Ridge Walk and one other walk would be a good option. If you’re staying at a hotel that offers Rice Terrace Walks, we can’t speak for all of them but the ones we have tried have been so nice. This way you can not only see but feel rice terraces under your feet also. The feeling of balancing along rice terraces cannot be replaced by a track.

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These Are Some Of Our Favourite Walks In Ubud…What Are Your Favourites? Let Us Know In The Comments…


  1. Hi Mandy and Chris, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experiences and details of the walks you have found in and around Ubud.
    We were fortunate to experience the Campuhan Ridge Walk on our last visit to Ubud last September. Breathtaking and stunning and well worth the effort.
    We now looking forward to experiencing more through your suggestions of the “Walk to Sari Organik’, the ‘Jalan Kaying Walk’ and the ‘Sulah Juwuck Manis Walk’ during our next visit to Ubud this coming October.
    We probably would never have found them without you – thanks again.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks so much for your comment and we are so happy to hear that! You definitely
      should do them :) Hope you’re looking forward to your next trip in October, this year is going so quick you will be back in Ubud in no time!

  2. I didn’t realize the city would be so touristy and clustered. The walks saved me from losing my mind and helped me appreciate ubud. Thank you!

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