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All About Bali

Before you go on your Bali Vacation, it’s good to know some general facts about Bali. Being prepared may also help you enjoy your holiday and relax whilst there! Here we include information on location, maps, weather and climate, culture, important dates such as festivals and public holidays, language, religion and transport options.

About Bali

About Bali

So where is Bali? Bali is one of the many islands that make up Indonesia, and is one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations.

Bali sits between Java to the west, and Lombok to the east. Bali is in the Indian Ocean, and belongs to the region of South East Asia. Luckily, it only takes us between 5 and 6 hrs to get to from Sydney, Australia.


According to the 2011 Census, Bali has a population of 3, 643, 472. Bali is densely populated in urban areas, however the population is spread throughout regional areas of the island. It is common for Balinese people to remain living in the village they were born, often never leaving this area.

Bali is so diverse, this is a great reason to explore more than just the beaches and night clubs of Kuta. Some of Bali’s most beautiful places are in regional areas, so if you have time, make sure you explore!

The main languages spoken in Bali are Balinese and Indonesian. Although it is very easy to get by whilst on holidays, as English is spoken at most tourist spots. However, It’s always nice to learn a few simple words before you go or whilst your there! Terima Kahsih (balinese for thank you) is a handy word we were taught, although the locals advised shortening it to Ma Kahsih to avoid sounding like a tourist!


Bali transport – Know the best ways to get around Bali, and how long it will take you.

Bali Climate and Weather

Bali Climate and Weather – As Bali is located so close the equator (only 8 degrees south), it is privy to a tropical climate. Ahhh…bring on the sunshine! But be prepared for those sneaky downpours of rain – but don’t be too concerned  they usually don’t last all day.

Balinese Culture

Bali Arts

Balinese culture permeates most aspects of Balinese life. It is full and vibrant, and is expressed though dance, art, music, spirituality, and religion to name a few.

Balinese Calendar of Events

Celebrations are also a great part of Balinese culture. Here is a Calendar of Events: including festivals and public holidays.

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