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Bali Flights

Ready to get your Bali Flights for your vacation? Going to Bali can be easy. It really is a destination that you can pack light, and figure the rest out when you get there. If you live nearby flights to Bali aren’t too much trouble either. But if you live further away they can be a nightmare if not planned properly. Here we try and simplify the process, region by region.

Overview Of Bali Flights

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3 – 8

1 – 8

16 – 8

16 – 20

18 – 22

18 – 22


$300 – $1200

$80 – $1500

$1000 – $3000

$1000 – $3000

$1000 – $3000

$1200 – $3000

Important Notes

Duration of flights is in hours. Duration is an approximation only based on research done at the time of publishing. Duration is flight time only, no time for stopovers is included in this calculation. Times will vary depending on airlines and exact origin. Almost Landing aim to update this regularly.

Cost of flights is in AUD. Cost is an approximation only and is based on average minimum and maximum prices at the time of publishing. Prices will vary depending on season and airlines.

From Australia To Bali

In this instance Australia really is the lucky country! Getting to Bali from Australia can be fairly simple, but here we go through your flight schedules, length of trip and other important info.

From UK to Bali

There are no direct flights from the UK to Bali, however this can be done with as little as one stopover. Most stopovers are in Asia. At times it can be cheaper to buy a plane ticket to Asia (e.g. Singapore or Kuala Lumpur) and a separate ticket from Asia on a budget airline to Bali.

From Europe to Bali

There are no direct flights from Europe to Bali, however this can be done with as little as one stopover, depending on your exact origin.

From The United States to Bali

There are no direct flights from the US to Bali, however you can get there with one stopover from some locations within USA.

From Canada to Bali

There are no direct flights from Canada to Bali, however it is possible to do with one stopover depending on your exact origin.

From Asia to Bali

Bali, being a part of Asia, is fairly accessible from this region. Most Bali flights will be reasonably priced and there are budget airlines and cheap airfares to Bali. Again, it will vary depending on your exact origin within Asia.

Bali Airport

Bali Airport, or officially Ngurah Rai International Airport, is in a great location. It’s very close to a lot of popular destinations within Bali, such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Jimbaran to name a few. So for most, once you get off the plane there is not far to travel!

You will also need to know about visa on arrival information prior to getting to Bali. For more information on Ngurah Rai International Airport, including visa on arrival and airport transfers click here.

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