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Your Bali Planner

Bali Planner

A Bali Planner to help you get organised before you go! All the information you need to know in the one place, from Bali currency to vaccinations to time zones and what you need to pack! Planning your Bali Holiday should be fun, quick and easy.

Best Time To Visit Bali

So you have looked into what you can do in Bali, you know you want to book a holiday, now you just have to figure out when the best time to visit Bali is…Use your Bali Planner to do just that!

Generally speaking, the “best” time to visit Bali is from May through to September, although Bali is a great destination all year round, depending on what type of Bali holiday you want. Click here for more information so you can plan when the best time to visit Bali is for you.

Bali Travel Info

There are a few important things to know before you go to Bali to get the most out of your holiday. We cover information on passports, travel insurance, visa on arrival, time zones, and currency to name a few.

Click here for Bali travel info that will help you prepare for your Bali Holiday.

Bali Health

From Vaccinations to general safety tips, our Bali health information provides you with reminders of what to do before you go and some tips on how to stay safe and healthy on your Bali Holiday.

Bali Family Holidays

It’s easy to see why Bali is a very popular destination for family holidays. With lots of things to do and see, it satisfies both parents and kids! Click here to see why Bali Family Holidays are a great choice.

Packing And Other Checklists!

So your going to Bali but your not sure of what to pack? A bit unsure of whats expected from the local customs? Or not exactly sure about the weather, paticuarly in different locations? Get all your Bali Packing Tips here. Maybe you just want to make it easy on yourself and have a Bali Packing List?

We answer all your packing questions here! We also have a travel checklist to take the last minute panic out of your holiday.

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