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The Best Cafes In Uluwatu Bali

When you wake up in Uluwatu and all that’s on your mind is an amazing breakfast, then before heading to the beach or exploring, take your pick from the best cafes in Uluwatu. Whether you are after perfect eggs, delicious smoothie bowls or just a great coffee the way you like it, Uluwatu cafes have you sorted.

Suka Espresso

Suka Espresso is one of the best places to eat in Uluwatu. This cafe is right in front of the road to Thomas beach, so it’s perfect for a pre or post-beach meal. Even if you’re not heading to the beach, it’s a great place to come for one of the best breakfasts in Uluwatu. It’s so hard to decide what to order from the menu here as it is all so inviting and you will want all of it! We love the pulled pork eggs benedict (Piggy Benedict) and the nut smoothie bowl. In my opinion, they also have the best coffee in Uluwatu and really friendly service.

Best Coffee In Uluwatu Suka Cafe

Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict Suka Espresso Uluwatu Bali

Suka Espresso Smoothie Bowl Uluwatu

Suka Espresso Cafe Uluwatu

Suka Espresso

Location: Jl. Labuansait No.10, Pecatu, Bali 

Hours: Every day from 8 AM to 10 PM (Breakfast until 3 PM)

Drifter Cafe

Another one of our favourite cafes in Uluwatu. Drifter is a surf shop that also has a beautiful cafe at the back of the shop. When you walk out it’s a beautiful garden seating area, so nice. We love the Cacao smoothie bowl and The Smash, an avocado on sourdough toast, with poached egg, dukkah, lemon and pesto. If you can only visit two cafes in Uluwatu, Drifter and Suka Espresso would be our picks, and like Suka, Drifter also has great coffee.

Drifter Cafe Coffee Uluwatu

The Smash Drifter Cafe Uluwatu

Smoothie Bowl Drifter Cafe Uluwatu

Drifter Cafe Uluwatu

Drifter Cafe

Location: Jl. Labuansait No.52, Pecatu, Bali

Hours: Every day from 7 AM to 10 PM (Breakfast until 2 PM)

Bukit Cafe

Bukit cafe is up the road from Padang Padang Beach. It has a lot of really nice seating both indoor and outdoor. Our favourites here are the pulled pork eggs benedict with beetroot hollandaise and the pataya bowl. The coffee was good, but there are also better options.

Bukit Cafe Coffee Uluwatu

Pulled Pork Beetroot Hollandaise Bukit Cafe Uluwatu

Fruit Smoothie Bowl Cafe Bukit Uluwatu

Bukit Cafe Uluwatu

Bukit Cafe

Location: Labuan Sait, Jl. Labuansait, Pecatu, Bali 

Hours: Every day from 7 AM to 10 PM

Beetroot Bali

Beetroot Bali is also just up the road from Padang Padang Beach. It’s a simple laid back cafe, and a great spot to grab a smoothie bowl and start the day.

Beetroot Bali Uluwatu Cafe

Beetroot Bali

Location: Jl. Labuhan Sait, Pecatu, Bali

Hours: Every day from 8 AM to 4 PM

More Cafes In Uluwatu

The ones we have not to tried yet but look good:

The Cashew Tree | Cafe La Pasion

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What are some of your favourite cafes in Uluwatu?


  1. Hi! I’ve been meaning to write to tell you guys how helpful your blog was on my visit to Bali last month! I ate at the Organic Cafe and Sea Circus in Seminyak and also at Suka Espresso in Uluwatu. I loved the dragon fruit bowls and overall feel of the Australian style cafes. Thank you so much for your suggestions and blog! Keep up the good work!

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