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Lombok Family Itinerary

Use our Lombok Family Itinerary to help plan your family holiday. We suggest places to visit, things to do and timeframes to do them in, to keep the whole family happy.


Lombok Family Itinerary #1

Day 1

Start your Lombok Escape at Sira Beach, on Lomboks north west Coast. Stay in a resort which has facilities to cater for the entire family. Spend the day relaxing by the pool or the beach or both!

Sira Beach

Located on the north west coast of Lombok, on the mainland near the GIli Islands. This area is home to a world-class golf course and pristine beaches. Perfect for snorkelling, diving, golf and relaxing.

Day 2

Go to Mount Rinjani National Park for the day, and check out the beautiful Sedanggile waterfalls based at Senaru, where you can swim and have a picnic.

Day 3

Bike Riding On Gili Trawangan

Take a day trip to the Gili Islands. Explore the islands, have lunch, go swimming and snorkelling.

The Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are a group of 3 small islands located off the north west coast of Lombok; Gili Trawanagan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Gili Trawangan is the most popular and most developed of the three. They can be reached by speedboat in about 15 minutes. The Gili Islands are great for beautiful beaches, swimming, snorkelling, diving, kayaking and paddle boarding.

Day 4

Venture into Senggigi, have a look at this resort town, it’s local shops and beaches. Have Lunch or dinner or both here.


Senggigi is a coastal town on the west coast of Lombok. This is probably the main tourist hub of Lombok, although it is still not ver developed or over run by tourists. Here you can find nice beaches, some local shops and local restaurants.

Day 5

Its your last day on Lombok! Relax by the beach, try other beach activities, or use the facilities at your resort.

Lombok Family Itinerary #2

Day 1

Start your Lombok Holiday in Senggigi. Relax and unwind. Check out the local shops and restaurants. Swim, snorkel or laze on the beach.

Day 2

Hire a driver and go to Terebatu for the day. Whilst your there, walk to the nearby waterfall Jeruk Manis.

Terebatu and Jeruk Manis

Located on the southern side of Mount Rinjani, this mountain town is surrounded by lush green rice fields. Jeruk Manis is a nearby waterfall - about 1 hr walk. Terbatu is the perfect base for walking to take in the natural beauty of Lombok.

Day 3

Say goodbye to Senggigi, get a taxi down the west coast of Lombok and stay on one of the southwest Gili Islands.

The Southwest Gili's

Located off the south west coast of Lombok, these are the Gili Islands most tourist's don't know about, and therefore often referred to as the secret Islands. Relatively undeveloped, with pristine beaches, clear waters and vibrant marine life. These islands are the perfect place to escape to paradise. Great for snorkelling, diving and relaxing. Keep in mind they are may not have extensive facilities, so it is best to bring what you need, including cash. Only Gili Gede, Gili Asahan and Gili Nanggu have accommodation on the island. Others you can visit during the day

Day 4

Enjoy the untouched waters and reefs around you! Go swimming, snorkelling or day trip to other islands nearby.

Day 5

Enjoy your last day on Lombok! Do activities available on your island, enjoy the beach and the water. Perhaps move your holiday onto Bali, and continue your Indonesian Experience.

Lombok Family Itinerary Options

Option #1

In the Lombok Family Itinerary #2, the later half of your holiday is spent in the south west Gili’s. You could also switch this for the Northwest Gili’s. The northwest Gili’s are more ‘touristy’, more developed and may have a few more things to do. If you are travelling as a family though, be careful where you choose to stay on the island as different area’s are more family friendly.

Option #2

If you were after something a little different, you could try adding onto your Lombok holiday, a boat tour to neighbouring islands Komodo and Flores. Here you can explore more remote settings and see the Komodo Dragon. Perhaps you could start your holiday with a few days in Lombok, then get the boat from Lombok to Komodo and then Flores. From Flores you can fly to Bali/Jakarta to either continue your holiday or return home.

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