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Lombok Transport: The Best Way To See The Island

Lombok Transport options are surprisingly easy and varied for a place that has the idyllic charm of a deserted island. From donkey drawn carts to taxis, Lombok has something to meet all your needs.

Lombok Transport

Lombok Transport Options


From the International Airport there is a bus which can take you to Mataram or Senggigi.


This is a small van with an open back and a bench seat along either side. This is a common form of transport in  Lombok. They are used widely by the locals. They are very cheap and best for short to medium distances. These are best used around Senggigi and Mataram.


Taxi’s are a great way to get around Lombok. They are all metered and relatively inexpensive. If you require a taxi late at night or in a less developed area you should always book. Otherwise, taxi’s can be found in most tourist destinations and resorts.


This is a motorbike taxi (i.e. you sit on the back as a passenger). Especially great for independent travellers.

Hire a Driver

A great way to see the island, get off the beaten track and for longer distances. You can choose your own itinerary but have someone drive you around who knows the road conditions and places to go.


These are a donkey drawn cart, predomiantly used on the Gili Islands but can be found throughout the mainland. On the Gili Islands, this would be your quickest form of transport as there is no motorised transport here. So if you need to get from one end of the island to the other quickly, this is your best bet.

Car Hire

Hire a car and drive yourself if your comfortable on the roads and have good navigating skills. For this, you will need an International drivers licence. And also note, you will be responsible for the cost of any damage to the car.

Motorbike Hire

If you are confident riding a motorbike and have your international drivers licence (including motorcycle licence) then hiring a motorbike is a fun way to see the island. If your not comfortable, I would avoid this option.

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