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Magnifique Brunch: Is This The Best Brunch In Bali?

Best Brunch In Bali

Walking into the Magnifique brunch at Sofitel Nusa Dua feels like you’ve found the food mother lode. Straight away you know this is not your ordinary brunch. But is this the best brunch in Bali?

What Is The Magnifique Brunch?

Is This The Best Brunch In Bali

Magnifique brunch takes place in the Cut Catch Cucina Restaurant at Sofitel Nusa Dua. The concept behind it is that it is made up of three parts, Cut for the best meat cuts, Catch for fresh seafood and Cucina for the Italian dishes. These three areas are all available during brunch as well as other stands and selections of delicious food, like salads, juices, bread, fruits, pizzas, cheeses and sliced meats and desserts.

Cut Catch Cucina

The Magnifique brunch is buffet style, being able to pick out what you like and keep going back for more. There’s a food and soft drinks package or a food and alcohol package to choose from.

Buffet At Magnifique Brunch Sofitel Nusa Dua

On top of that, you can also order some small meals off a menu, made to order and served to your table, all included in the price.

Small dishes from menu

Is This The Best Brunch In Bali?

Quite literally, there is a red carpet entrance. Attentive staff. A buzzing atmosphere of happy people. Food everywhere you look. Live music playing. It’s such a beautiful environment.

There were a few moments that absolutely impressed me.

Fresh out of the oven beef wellington cut in front of you definitely caught my eye and taste as good as it looked.

Beef Wellington

Being able to request a pasta dish in the Italian section and have it cooked fresh and delivered to our table.


Realising we could order small sweet and savoury dishes off a menu, on top of everything that was already available.

Magnifique Brunch

And by far the most memorable thing about the entire lunch, for me at least, was the dessert section. When we first arrived and did our initial walk around, I was so tempted to just eat dessert. The dessert section felt never ending. There were tables filled with perfect pretty little desserts, a chocolate fountain, a waffle making stand, an ice cream machine, a popcorn stand, and even a place to test out your marshmallow toasting skills. Yep, there were little mini flames and marshmallows on sticks.

Cooking Marshmallows

So it’s safe to say that I loved the Magnifique Brunch, and it was the best brunch in Bali that I’ve had.

For Chris, I think the standouts were definitely the meats and savoury food. But for me…

Sorry deliciously juicy beef wellington, my heart was always with dessert.

Dessert At Magnifique Brunch

The Details

What: Magnifique Brunch

Where: Cut Catch Cucina, Sofitel Nusa Dua

When: Weekends

Our Magnifique Brunch was courtesy of  Sofitel Nusa Dua, but our experience and what we share with you is 100% Mandy + Chris :)


  1. Hello! Love your blog! We are travelling to Bali in a months time and this buffet looks amazing. Do you need to book and what is the cost?

    1. Hi Celia, thanks so much :) I definitely recommend it, it was absolutely delicious! I would definitely book as it was full when we went. The cost is 499000 IDR per person which includes non-alcoholic drinks or 699000 for alcoholic drinks. Have a great time in Bali :)

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