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Merah Putih: Indonesian Cuisine At It’s Best

Merah Putih Restaurant

With all the great restaurants in Seminyak, Merah Putih is definitely one at the top of the list. It got points for an exciting menu as well as an incredible space to eat. To be honest, the restaurant design got us booking even before we looked at the menu. The menu would have sold us by itself also. We loved the split design of traditional and modern Indonesian dishes.

Lamb Shank ‘Popia’

Lamb Shank Pancake

We started with a small plate from the modern side. We were very happy. The Lamb shanks came out looking like weetbix. I always worry with this style of presenting meat, that the meat biscuits will be dry. The were far from it. They were delicious with all those taste and textural elements in a pancake. Yum.

Prawn and Lobster ‘Pangsit’

Prawn and Lobster Dumplings

These shellfish dumplings were delicate and I wanted more like 100 of them not 3. The flavours of coconut and turmeric worked well.

Charred Baby Corn

Charred Baby Corn

If charred baby corn isn’t enough the combination with the kecap manis, leek and chilli butter was definitely up our alley.

Duck Rendang Curry

Duck Rendang Curry

Now for the only large plate we ordered. Great interpretation of a rendang curry. The cucumber and the crackers went well with the duck rendang curry. Tasty.

Sambal Platter

Sambal Platter

My eyes definitely got the better of me when I ordered the extra selection of sambals. I love sambal in any form and had this vision of eating every last scoop with some rice. I was too full from the amazing food we had already had to give the sambal the attention it deserved.

It’s Hard to Ignore Chocolate

Chocolate Merah Putih Dessert

I confess I cannot recall the exact details of this desert. I recall it being an amazing blend of chocolate, ice cream, caramel crunch and refreshing gel. Worth an order for sure.

Add it to your Seminyak Dining List

Inside Design of Merah Putih

Merah Putih is definitely one of the best restaurants in Seminyak and Bali. It tops the list for Indonesian food done at a fine dining level. That being said the restaurant design and feel creates a fantastic atmosphere. A must visit.

The Details

What: Merah Putih

Where: Jl. Petitenget No.100x,
Kerobokan, Bali

Contact: (0361) 8465950

What is your favourite dish from Merah Putih? Let us Know in the Comments!

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