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Review Of Royal Kamuela Ubud

Review Of Royal Kamuela Ubud

On our first holiday to Bali, we stayed at Royal Kamuela Villa’s in Ubud. We ended up choosing Royal Kamuela because we wanted to stay somewhere nice, traditional and central. We tossed up staying central and staying on the outskirts of Ubud, but in the end, they both have pro’s and con’s, and for our first time to Ubud, we knew we would want to check out the village so we chose central.

Our First Impressions of Royal Kamuela Ubud

I have to say that arriving at Royal Kamuela we were hoping the villas were as nice as they looked in the photos… but the truth is the photo’s just don’t do it justice. For a one bedroom villa, we thought they were large. We had a large pool (which you could see from your bed with only a large glass wall between the two), a private outdoor dining area, large bed and bathroom with rain shower and deep bath. The design was great. Even though there was direct access from the pool to the bathroom there was still an outdoor shower.

Royal Kamuela First Impressions

Location, Location, Location

Located right in the centre of Ubud Village on Monkey Forrest Rd, Royal Kamuela Villas are certainly well located. There are many markets, shops, restaurants and sights within walking distance.

Some prefer to be located outside of Ubud Village amongst the rice fields and more beautiful scenery. But the positives to staying in Ubud village are the convenience, local community, being able to explore Ubud village by foot without having to worry about transport in and out of the village (and Ubud village traffic can get very congested).

Another positive for Royal Kamuela is you actually feel like you are not in Ubud village at all. The way they have designed the villas makes you feel as if you have the tranquility of being on the outskirts of Ubud, with the convenience of being in Ubud Village.

The Room and Beyond

The first thing to catch our eye was our own private pool…

Royal Kamuela Pool

The bedroom has a huge bed, view of the pool, flat screen tv and artwork…

Royal Kamuela Rooms

The bathroom had everything we could ever want, from rain shower to deep bath to his and her sinks.

Royal Kamuela Bathroom

Royal Kamuela Ubud also has a restaurant or in-room dining. And by in-room dining, I mean in your own private outdoor dining area. There is also a spa service available to you.

Royal Kamuela Dining

The Verdict

We absolutely loved our stay at Royal Kamuela Ubud.

If you want luxury, privacy, private pool, villa, exceptional service and to be in central Ubud, then maybe this is the place for you too!

Almost Landing Loves...

Each room is a villa...feels like your home away from home
Decent size pool all to yourself
Butler service
Romantic and peaceful yet surprisingly in the centre of Ubud Village (you would never know!)

The Details

Royal Kamuela Villas Ubud

Monkey Forest Road, Ubud

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Let us know if you have any questions about our stay at Royal Kamuela Ubud in the comments below…

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