Ubud Accommodation Guide: Where To Stay In Ubud

Ubud Accommodation

Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. It’s pretty common to see traditional Balinese ceremonies and there’s always a rice field somewhere nearby. Ubud is full of health food cafes, spas, monkeys and yoga pants… and mats. The village itself has become more touristy and busy over the years, although the charm still remains particularly in the mornings and evenings. This is why I always recommend to stay in Ubud rather than do a day trip, it’s the only way to see the best of Ubud. Here’s our guide for Ubud Accommodation…


Where To Stay In Ubud?
Booking Accommodation In Ubud
Ubud Accommodation Guide

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Where To Stay In Ubud? Lets Get Oriented.

Ubud Accommodation Map

When we talk about staying in Ubud, that really means two different options, staying in the village itself and staying in the outskirts. In the map above, you can see Ubud Village, with the main streets being Monkey Forest Road, Jl. Hanoman and Jl. Raya Ubud.

Option 1: Staying in Ubud Village

There are lots of pros to staying in the Ubud Village. If it’s your first time to Ubud it will make it easier to explore the streets, eat at the restaurants, go shopping and visit different spas. You will also have easy access to Ubud Monkey Forrest. However, staying in Ubud village will mean that it will be more touristy and much busier than if you stay in the outskirts, and depending on what you do, you may miss out on some of the natural beauty. You can overcome this by going on rice field walks, visiting waterfalls like Tegenungan and getting a private driver etc.

Option 2: Staying in the outskirts of Ubud

A lot of Ubud accommodation is located in the outskirts of Ubud, some not too far away from the village, others perhaps 30 minutes away. These hotels are often surrounded by the beautiful jungle or rice fields and offer experiences to explore the surrounding nature and community. Your hotel may offer free shuttle transport into the village. Despite this, you will still be a little more isolated and may not have the same amount of time to explore the village. Having said that, If you’re staying in a beautiful hotel with restaurants, pool, a spa and other experiences, the isolation won’t be an issue, rather a time to relax.

There’s no right or wrong option, just different. We’ve stayed in both the village and different areas around Ubud and have absolutely loved all experiences.

Booking Accommodation In Ubud


We love using Booking.com, it’s one of our favourite ways to book Ubud accommodation and they have a great range of options.


Airbnb tend to have a lot of villa options for Bali, so another good option if looking to stay in a villa. Often have discounts for stays of a week or more.

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Ubud Accommodation Guide

We have been lucky enough to stay in lots of amazing accommodation throughout Ubud, but we haven’t stayed everywhere and want to make sure we are recommending the best. So our Ubud Accommodation recommendations below are based on our favourites that we have stayed in, knowledge of Ubud hotels and their specific locations throughout Ubud, lots of research, reading reviews, hearing from you guys and just putting this all together with our own experience of Ubud.

Please note: Prices were accurate at the time of this post and are per night.

Absolute Splurge: Luxury Accommodation In Ubud

Padma Resort Ubud | from $437 AUD | Check Prices

Padma Resort Ubud

Padma Resort Ubud only just opened at the beginning of 2016. We have such beautiful memories from our stay, from the amazing infinity pool, to the delicious food, and beautiful rooms. Padma Resort Ubud have stunning grounds including a walking path through the surrounding jungle. As cliched as it sounds, the thing I loved most about Padma Resort Ubud was the helpful and kind staff. It made our stay here something more. Read more about our stay here.

Alila Ubud | from $271 AUD | Check Prices

Alila Ubud Pool

Our stay at Alila Ubud was fantastic. We had great food, beautiful surrounds, a beautiful pool and friendly staff. We loved doing one of their Alila Experiences, where we walked through the local community and rice fields. Read more about our stay here.

Mandapa, A Ritz Carlton Hotel | from $675 AUD | Check Prices
Mandapa Ritz Carlton Ubud

Photo Credit: Mandapa, Ritz-Carlton

Mandapa, Ritz-Carlton is another new addition to Ubud. A stunning hotel which comes well reviewed, located in the outskirts of Ubud.

Four Seasons Resort Bali At Sayan | from $764 AUD | Check Prices
Four Seasons Resort Sayan

Photo Credit: Four Seasons Resort Sayan

Set amongst tranquil greenery, the Four Seasons Resort Sayan is a beautiful resort. The rooms and grounds look beautiful and it comes well reviewed. Although it’s on the outskirts of Ubud, capitalising on scenery, it’s also only a 10 minute drive to Ubud Village.

Hanging Gardens of Bali | from $548 AUD | Check Prices
Hanging Gardens Ubud Bali

Photo Credit: Hanging Gardens Ubud Bali

Hanging Gardens Ubud has one of the most iconic pools in Bali. Set in the beautiful outskirts of Bali, it’s a beautiful hotel that comes well reviewed.

Kayumanis Ubud Private Villas and Spa | from $372 AUD | Check Prices
Kayumanis Ubud

Photo Credit: Kayumanis Ubud

Kayumanis Ubud is located in the outskirts of Ubud, but only about a 10-15 minute drive to Ubud Village. A well-reviewed, beautiful hotel.

Uma by COMO Ubud | from $334 AUD | Check Prices
Uma by Como Ubud

Photo Credit: Uma by Como Ubud

Uma by Como Ubud is a beautiful hotel located only just on the outskirts of Ubud. Although a free 5 minute shuttle is provided to Ubud, it is still possible to walk into the village if you’re happy too.

Luxe For Less

Royal Kamuela Villas | from $303 AUD | Check Prices
Royal Kamuela Villas Ubud

Photo Credit: Royal Kamuela Villas Ubud

We loved our stay at Royal Kamuela Villas. Although it’s located in the centre of Ubud Village, it still feels like your private, quiet sanctuary being set back from the road. Royal Kamuela has 12 pool villas.

Komaneka at Bisma | from $313 AUD | Check Prices
Komaneka At Bisma

Photo Credit: Komaneka At Bisma

Located on Jl. Bisma, Komaneka at Bisma is a great location, still within Ubud Village but on a quieter road.

Komaneka at Monkey Forest | from $275 AUD | Check Prices


You will find Komaneka at Monkey Forest right in the centre of Ubud Village. Perfect if you want to spend your days exploring Ubud’s streets.

Bisma Eight | from $238 AUD | Check Prices
Bisma Eight Ubud

Photo Credit: Bisma Eight Ubud

Another hotel located on Jl. Bisma, which means you will still be within Ubud village, but far enough away to get some tranquility. A beautiful hotel wth great reviews.

Kamandalu Ubud | from $254 AUD | Check Prices

Kamandalu Pool

Kamandalu is located in the outskirts of Ubud, surrounded by beautiful tropical greenery. It consists of rooms and villas with beautiful grounds. Read more about our stay here.

Warwick Ibah | from $214 AUD | Check Prices
Warwick Ibah

Photo Credit: Warwick Ibah

Warwick Ibah is beautifully designed in line with Balinese traditions. It’s located only 5 minutes walk from the centre of Ubud, making it convenient to explore Ubud.

The Ubud Village Resort and Spa | from $266 AUD | Check Prices
The Ubud Village

Photo Credit: The Ubud Village

The Ubud Village Resort is located just on the edge of Ubud Village, either a bit of a walk or a free shuttle into the centre. We are yet to stay here, but it looks like a beautiful hotel that comes well reviewed.

Aria Villas Ubud | from $223 AUD | Check Prices
Aria Villas Ubud

Photo Credit: Aria Villas Ubud

Aria Villas Ubud are only a 10 minute walk into Ubud centre. They are private villas with a modern design.

Hotels In Ubud For Under $200/night

Alaya Resort Ubud | from $137 AUD | Check Prices
Alaya Ubud

Photo Credit: Alaya Ubud

A great location in Ubud Village, with a great design.

Puri Sebali Resort | from $132 | Check Prices
Puri Sebali Resort Ubud

Photo Credit: Puri Sebali Resort Ubud

Located in the outskirts of Ubud, Puri Sebali Resort is a nicely designed hotel with a 20 minute shuttle to Ubud.

The Samara Villas and Restaurant | from $150 | Check Prices
Samara Ubud

Photo Credit: Samara Ubud

Samara Villas and Restaurant are located within Ubud Village. Please note that the hotel is in a car restricted area therefore the hotel provides a 400m motorbike shuttle service to reach the hotel. Samara Villas have a beautiful design and come well reviewed.

Sankara Resort Ubud | from $134 | Check Prices
Sankara Ubud

Photo Credit: Sankara Ubud

Sankara Resort is located on the outskirts of Ubud, but also provide a free shuttle into Ubud Village.

Tebesaya Cottage | from $73 | Check Prices
Tebesaya Cottage Ubud

Photo Credit: Tebesaya Cottage Ubud

Tebesaya Cottage offers value for money, with a great location in Ubud village but on a quieter street.

We will be continually updating this post with any new places we stay and love, to make sure we are recommending the best Ubud Accommodation.

Ubud Field Guide

Once you’ve found the perfect place to stay in Ubud, take a look at our Ubud Field Guide for some more inspiration. Our Ubud Field Guide has everything you need to hit the ground running, including our favourite food, culture, shops, things to see + do, day trips, walks and short walking itineraries. We’ve also put all of our favourites onto our own Ubud Map so you can literally just take it out with you and no research or planning is required.

What’s your favourite Ubud accommodation? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below…

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