Uluwatu Travel Guide

Uluwatu is a popular surfing destination in Bali. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, and is famed for it’s luxury cliff top resorts and villas.


Located on Bali’s South Coast about 30 – 45 mins from Bali Airport, just south of Jimbaran.


Uluwatu is a Surfers Heaven. It attracts surfers from all over the world for it’s range of surfing beaches. But not only are the beaches in this area good for surfing, but they are beautiful. When People go to Bali they expect beautiful beaches…then they see Kuta Beach and get disappointed. Well, the beaches here won’t disappoint, although not all are suitable for swimming.

There are many luxurious resorts perched atop of the cliffs which have stunning views. If you want to get a feel for these views, then go to Uluwatu temple, which is also perched on the edge of a cliff and a must see.

Accommodation and things to do are very spread apart, and for that reason it’s a great place to relax and get away from the crowds.

The Ugly Truth

  • Although the beaches are beautiful and great for surfing, not all are suitable for swimming.
  • If your not interested in surfing then I hope you go here to relax, as there is not a huge amount to do.

The Silver Lining

  • When you are staying in an area so beautiful and relaxing, you wont want to do anything else.
  • Some of Bali’s most luxurious accommodation lives here.

What’s Nearby?

  • Bali Airport is 30 – 45 mins north
  • Jimbaran is 15 – 20 mins north
  • Kuta/Legian/Seminyak are 35 mins – 1 hr north
  • Nusa Dua is about 20 – 30 mins away

Uluwatu Bali Map

Things To Do

If you don’t surf, then besides eating and relaxing, there is not a lot to do here. There are a few attractions like Uluwatu Temple and the kecack and fire dance. But you would really come here either to surf or take it easy.

Best For…

  • Surfing
  • Uluwatu Temple
  • Kecack and Fire Dance
  • Relaxing
  • Beach
  • Swimming
  • Scenery
  • Luxury spas within hotels
  • Weddings
  • Honeymoons
  • Romantic getaways


  • Amber says:

    I was wondering where you stayed in uluwatu?somewhere relatively cheap and central!

    • Hi Amber, we haven’t actually stayed in Uluwatu yet, we so far have opted for nearby Jimbaran and headed to Uluwatu for day trips. But, we have done a little research for you and have found these options:
      Palm Leaf Villa is currently going for $82/night, but not situated close to the beach but looks central to most areas of Uluwatu.
      Sal Secret Spot Bungalow Bali is currently going for $112/night which is located near Bingin beach and looks nice.
      Hope this helps and have a great time in Bali 🙂

  • susan says:

    Hello! I am trying to plan my trip to Bali and came across your helpful website. I am trying to cover Ubud, Lombok (for the Gili Islands), Seminyak & Uluwatu. What would be the best way to arrange this? Flying into Ubud and leaving from where would be the best route? Many thanks!

    • Hi Susan,
      You can only fly into one location in Bali, Ngurah Rai airport, which is located north of Jimbaran and south of Kuta. How long are you coming for? It will take half a day to get to the Gili Islands and half a day to get back so factor that in. You could stay in each area or do day trips. I’d recommend staying in each area, but you need to have enough time to do that. I wouldn’t do the Gili Islands first or last unless you fly straight there (mainland Lombok), Starting in Seminyak as it’s close to the airport and finishing in Uluwatu as it’s also not far from the airport is probably how I would do it. Have a great trip 🙂

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