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Where To Stay In Jimbaran: Jimbaran Accommodation Guide

Where To Stay in Jimbaran

Jimbaran is often misrepresented as an area with big resorts and not much else. Although there are some amazing hotels in Jimbaran, it really is so much more than this. The community itself is full of life, from little kids learning how to ride bikes, to traditional Balinese ceremonies in the streets, small local temples, traditional markets and seafood markets. Although Jimbaran has some delicious eating experiences, it doesn’t have the quantity of of restaurants that are in say Seminyak. It’s also not the place to stay if you want to shop all day every day. But if you want some great hotel options, a local community, and easy short trips to Uluwatu and beautiful beaches, then staying in Jimbaran might just be the place for you. So where to stay in Jimbaran? Here’s our Jimbaran accommodation guide…


Where To Stay In Jimbaran?
Booking Accommodation In Jimbaran
Jimbaran Accommodation Guide

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Where To Stay In Jimbaran? Let’s Get Oriented.

Where To Stay In Jimbaran Map

Jimbaran runs along the coast and continues a little inland.

Of course, the closer you can stay to the beach, the better as most things in Jimbaran are centred around the main road and the beach.

The other thing to consider is what end/section of the beach to stay in. The different areas have a different feel to them and are also closer/further away from certain things.

The south end of the beach is my personal favourite. It’s a nice area of the beach, has my favourite seafood restaurants on the beach, a beautiful outlook over the peninsula, and isn’t too far from some nice restaurants.

The middle section of the beach has a more local feel, also close to some nice restaurants and the traditional markets.

The north section of the beach is close to the seafood markets, and just south of the airport. Personally, I think this area is probably that little bit too far away from most other things in Jimbaran, and has a less relaxing feel about it.

The only other thing to look out for when booking accommodation in Jimbaran, is how far inland the accommodation is. The charm of Jimbaran really is around the beach area’s, so although accommodation much further inland can be classified as Jimbaran, I’d tend to stick to areas near the beach and main road (Jl. Raya Uluwatu).

Booking Accommodation In Jimbaran is one of our favourite ways to book Jimbaran accommodation. Simple to use and also has a great app.


Airbnb tend to have a lot of villa options for Bali, so another good option if looking to stay in a villa. Often have discounts for stays of a week or more.

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Jimbaran Accommodation Guide

We have been lucky enough to stay in some amazing accommodation throughout Jimbaran, but we haven’t stayed everywhere and want to make sure we are recommending the best. So our Jimbaran Accommodation recommendations below are based on our favourites that we have stayed in, knowledge of Jimbaran hotels and their specific locations throughout Jimbaran, lots of research, reading reviews, hearing from you guys and just putting this all together with our own experience of Jimbaran. So here’s our favourite picks for where to stay in Jimbaran…

Please note: Prices were accurate at the time of this post and are based on high season, per night.

Absolute Splurge: Luxury Accommodation In Jimbaran

InterContinental Bali | from $406  AUD | Check Prices

InterContinental Bali Jimbaran

InterContinental Bali is a sprawling resort with a traditional Balinese design. We have stayed here a few times and love the green grounds and gardens, and beautiful pool area. There’s so much attention to detail, from the fresh orchids that you see all over the resort, to the beautiful Balinese touches. Read more about our stay here.

The Villas at Ayana Resort | from $956 AUD | Check Prices
The Villas at Ayana
Photo Credit: The Villas at Ayana

Imagine having your own private villa in one of the most beautiful resorts in Jimbaran. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get at The Villas at Ayana, absolute luxury.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay | from $1136 AUD | Check Prices
Four Seasons Jimbaran Bali
Photo Credit: Four Seasons

Four Seasons Resort Bali has pool villas planted along the hillside peninsula overlooking Jimbaran Bay. They also have a delicious restaurant and beach club, Sundara.

Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Villas and Spa | from $494 AUD | Check Prices
Kayumanis Jimbaran
Photo Credit: Kayumanis Jimbaran

Kayumanis Jimbaran has beautifully designed private pool villas. It’s close to the beach and comes well reviewed.

Luxe For Less

Ayana Resort and Spa Bali | from $340 AUD | Check Prices

Ayana Resort and Spa

Ayana Resort is an iconic resort in Bali. People are often drawn here by their unique waterfront/cliff-front bar for sunset, but this is only the start of the Ayana experience.

RIMBA Jimbaran Bali by Ayana | from $258 AUD | Check Prices
Rimba Jimbaran
Photo Credit: Rimba Jimbaran

Rimba Jimbaran is the modern younger brother of Ayana. Based in the same area, it has excellent facilities and comes well reviewed.

Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran | from $208 AUD | Check Prices

Le Meridien Bali

Le Meridien is situated just behind the beach and seafood restaurants, giving you easy access to both. The design of the hotel is modern and unique, centred around the pool area. We loved our stay here, with highlights being the pool area, room design and location. Read more about our stay here.

Villa Jamalu | from $1251 AUD (4 bedroom villa) | Check Prices
Villa Jamalu Bali
Photo Credit: Villa Jamalu

Villa Jamalu is a 4 bedroom villa, perfect for a Bali getaway with friends and family. It’s in a great location, spacious and has a beautiful design.

Hotels In Jimbaran For Under $200/night

Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort and Spa | from $125 AUD | Check Prices
Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort and Spa
Photo Credit: Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort and Spa

Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort and Spa offers great value for money. Located near the beach with direct access, it comes well reviewed.

We will be continually updating this post with any new places we stay and love, to make sure we are recommending the best Jimbaran Accommodation.

Jimbaran Field Guide

Once you’ve found the perfect place to stay in Jimbaran, take a look at our Jimbaran Field Guide for some more inspiration. Our Jimbaran Field Guide has everything you need to hit the ground running, including our favourite food, culture, shops, things to see + do and day trips. We’ve also put all of our favourites onto our own Jimbaran Map so you can literally just take it out with you and no research or planning is required.

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What’s your pick for where to stay in Jimbaran? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below…

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