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Jimbaran Field Guide Is Here: Have The Best Jimbaran Experience

Jimbaran Field Guide Bali

So happy to announce our Jimbaran Field Guide is now available.

Jimbaran Field Guide
Get your guide here

Our Jimbaran Field Guide is everything you need to hit the ground running. Forget all those hours (or weeks) planning the perfect trip to Jimbaran Bali. Jimbaran was one of the first places we visited in Bali and its a place we will always love. We have put all our favourite picks from our years of travel to Bali and put them together with our own map so you can easily find and experience the best of Jimbaran.

We call this our Field Guide, because we didn’t want to just give you a list of places, but an easy way to use them ‘in the field’. Using our Field Guide should mean little to no planning is required during your stay in Jimbaran.

For all the important information you need to know before planning your entire trip to Bali, we have our Beginners Guide To Bali.

And for other areas of Bali, we have our other field guides.

What’s Inside Our Jimbaran Field Guide

You will find our favourite Jimbaran picks for:

  • Places To Eat (Cafes + Warungs | Seafood Dinners | Restaurants | Sweets)
  • Culture
  • Shops
  • Things to See + Do
  • Walking Itinerary + Map
  • Day Trips

Our favourite thing about this guide is the easy to use Jimbaran Map with all our favourites picks on there so you know exactly where to go and how to plan your day.

Format: PDF – download to your device or print it out

Length:  23 Pages

Price: 4.99 AUD

Is The Jimbaran Field Guide For You?

We created the Jimbaran Field Guide because it was exactly what we would have loved before our first trip. It’s so easy to get lost in the thousands of recommendations that exist. If you want to know every place to eat and everything to do, than this guide probably isn’t for you. But if like us, you just want the best of everything, then this guide is everything you need. We have included only our favourite picks for Jimbaran and a map to show you exactly where you need to be ;) It still gives you 100% flexibility to do anything you want on your Jimbaran holiday, but you have access to the best information when you need it.

Get your copy of our Jimbaran Field Guide Here.

Here’s some more information if you’re trying to decide where to stay in Jimbaran.

If you still haven’t quite decided where in Bali you want to stay, or have questions about getting around or packing, than try our Beginners Guide To Bali too.

If you want to combine your stay with Seminyak, Ubud or Canggu, then take a look at our other field guides:

Seminyak Field Guide | Ubud Field Guide | Canggu Field Guide

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below…

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