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Incredible Things To Do In Jimbaran Bay Bali

Things To Do In Jimbaran

Whenever we’re in Bali we do our best to finish our trips here because it’s so relaxing and has a lot to offer. From the beautiful beaches to the seafood dinners, see some of our favourite things to do in Jimbaran Bay.

Go To the Seafood Market

JImbaran Seafood Market

Seafood Market Jimbaran

If you’re staying close to the beach you can walk along the beach in the early morning to the Seafood Markets. We love watching the fisherman return with their catch. The fish and seafood in the markets really make your desire for a seafood meal skyrocket. See where to eat fresh seafood in Jimbaran.

Go to the Jimbaran Traditional Market

Jimbaran Traditional Market

Wherever you stay in Bali a visit to a traditional market is a great way to get an insight into local life and experience part of the Balinese culture. The traditional market in Jimbaran is not huge but is still worth a walk through.

Walk Along The Beach And Have a Swim

Jimbaran Beach

Seems like an obvious one but you must go for a walk along the beach, no matter how beautiful your hotel grounds are.

Stay At a Beautiful Resort Or Hotel

InterContinental Bali Jimbaran

Le Meridien Jimbaran

There are some amazing places to stay in Jimbaran Bay. We have stayed at InterContinental Bali Resort and Le Meridian Bali Jimbaran. Both are such amazing hotels. The Four Seasons is also an incredible hotel in Jimbaran.

Search for you Jimbaran Accommodation on here.

Get A Massage

Jimbaran Massage

Whether at your hotel or close by, Jimbaran has some options. From cheap and cheerful still with pretty good technique to the amazing hotel spas. After a day at the pool or the beach or after dinner…great anytime.

Visit Bukit Peninsular Beaches or Beach Clubs

Bingin Beach

Private Beach Clubs Bali

There are some stunning beaches in Bali. Staying in Jimbaran allows easier access than say from Seminyak, to experience beaches like Balangan, Bingin, Padang Padang or other Uluwatu beaches. There are some great beach clubs too. Our favourite is Sundays Beach Club (formerly Finns Beach club which is now in Canggu). Beach clubs are great as you get a beautiful private beach with food, toilets, showers, safety and towels. The decent down to both Sundays Beach Club and Karma Kandara is beautiful.

Seafood Dinner On The Beach

Jimbaran Seafood Dinner Beach

One of the reasons we finish our Bali trip in Jimbaran. We even try to have a night flight home so we can fit in one last grilled prawn meal before heading to the airport. Simple, but so good. We love grilled prawns ‘Jimbaran Style’. Teba Mega and Made Bagus Cafe are our favourites for seafood dinner on Jimbaran beach but everywhere we have tried has been good. Feet in the sand, drink in hand and with a plate full of seafood. Make it an early dinner and you can make it a sunset dinner!

Corn On The Beach

Jimbaran Beach Corn

Simple yet a must. Any of the ‘corn men’ on the beach will do the job. Choose either sweet butter or spicy chilli butter.

Eat At Cuca

Cuca Flavour

One of Mandy’s favourite places to eat in Bali. Not that you can ever get enough seafood on the beach but Cuca is a must visit when in Jimbaran. Delicious food in beautifully designed restaurant with a great atmosphere. The staff and chefs here are professional and really friendly.

Enjoy Sunset

Jimbaran Sunset

Even if the seafood dinner part is not for you, Bali has incredible sunsets and Jimbaran is no exception. Walk along the beach, sit somewhere nice or even head to somewhere like Rock Bar if you were wanting to see a different part of Jimbaran and see sunset from the cliffs. We love Rock Bar, it’s ridiculously busy and can be hot but the sunsets are always incredible there.

Rock Bar

Our Top Things To Do In Jimbaran Bali

Jimbaran is one of those places in Bali that we have some really great memories and will keep coming back. So that was our favourite things to do in Jimbaran, and the reasons why we love the area!

What are your favourite things to do in Jimbaran? Let us know in the comments below…

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