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OPIA Bali Restaurant In Jimbaran

We arrived at OPIA Bali just as the sun began to set. We walked into the beautiful entry room and were greeted with a friendly face and a selection of cocktail or mocktail as a welcome drink. Before we sat down and ordered we had a look around this stunning venue. Part of OPIA is a Bali wedding venue and you instantly can see why. The design and the views were so pretty. One of the best parts about the design was it felt both big and intimate at the same time. Exploring the grounds we kept finding new gorgeous vantages, with beautiful garden areas and fairy lights giving a magical feeling.

OPIA Bali Wedding Venue Jimbaran

OPIA Bali Restaurant

OPIA Bali Food + Drinks Menu

So after exploring this great venue and finding some great views of Jimbaran, it was time to eat. Here’s what we ate during our dinner at OPIA Restaurant. Click here to find the full OPIA Jimbaran menu.


If you’re after a cocktail then there are some tasty creations to try here. The John Snow was playful with all the bubbles, although admittedly, the bubbles made it difficult to drink. The Ashes was a great flavour and out of the two, we preferred the Ashes cocktail.

OPIA Bali Cocktails

Introduction + Ceviches

Well, we started with the Short Ribs Gyoza and the Classic Ceviche. Both were a great start to our dinner at OPIA. The meat in those gyozas was delicious as was the fish.

Shorts Ribs Gyoza OPIA Jimbaran

OPIA Ceviche

OPIA Mains

Then came the mains. My Crispy Local Duck was crispy yet the meat still so tender. The sambals and beans were great as was the addition of chilli and fine lime leaf through the rice.  Mandy ordered the OPIA Pork Belly and it was delicious. The pork was everything you would want and all the flavours worked well together.

Crispy Local Duck OPIA

OPIA Pork Belly

Closing Plates

Then the finale. The desserts. Both looked nicely presented when they came out. We ordered the Eggless No Bake Mango Cheesecake and the Elements Of Chocolate. The Chocolate cake was delicious, warm and oozy and so rich, so you might want to share this one. The cheesecake was light in contrast to the chocolate dessert and a delicious way to finish.

Eggless No Bake Mango Cheesecake

Elements Of Chocolate Dessert OPIA Bali

Things To Know Before You Go To OPIA Jimbaran

Live Music

Not only is the venue itself stunning, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is live music. We were fortunate enough to be here on a Tuesday and the music was such a perfect addition to your dinner.

How To Get To OPIA Bali

OPIA Bali Venue

OPIA Bali is located in Jimbaran near Four Seasons Jimbaran. If you are staying in Jimbaran you can walk here but it is located at the top of a steep hill, so taxi/grab is probably the best way to arrive. If you are staying nearby, you may be able to get a complimentary driver back to your hotel from OPIA, which is a nice touch.

OPIA Bali is a great option if you’re looking for restaurants in Jimbaran with a nice design and tasty food. The food, friendly service and beautiful venue made for an amazing night.

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Would love to hear about your experience of OPIA Bali in the comments below…

Our dinner at OPIA Bali was complimentary but our opinions are our own.

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