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Things To Do In Candidasa: What We Did

Things To Do In Candidasa

Candidasa is a great coastal destination that definitely is a nice slower paced, beautiful area of Bali. This does not mean there is nothing to do in Candidasa. Here are some great ways to spend your time and great things to do in Candidasa.

Bike Through The Surrounding Villages

Candidasa Bikes

Candidasa Villages

We used the bikes from our hotel and asked for a map and off we went. The surrounding scenery and villages are beautiful and one of the great things to do in Candidasa. No matter where you stay try and stay at a place with bicycle rental and just ask for some great routes. We timed our ride around sunset, but as soon as it gets dark it can get really dark! Not many street lights through the villages ;)

Compound Temple Candidasa

Cooking Class

Alila Manggis Cooking Class

Whilst you can do cooking classes anywhere in Bali, one of our favourites that we have done was through Alila Manggis, so if you where thinking of doing a cooking class in Bali, this could be your option if your visiting Candidasa. The experience is set in their organic garden with amazing views and delicious food, which is the most important thing.

Candidasa Scenery Nature Organic Garden

Cacao Tree

Visit Bias Tugel Beach

Bias Tugel Beach

Bias Tugel

This is one of our favourite beaches but sometimes, as with other Bali beaches, it may not have the best swimming conditions, with strong currents being a challenge. Beautiful small beach though.

Bias Tugel Waves

Visit Virgin Beach (Aka White Sand Beach Aka Pasir Putih)

Virgin Beach White Sand Beach

As Candidasa doesn’t have a proper ’beach’, White Sand beach, aka Pasir Putih beach, aka Virgin beach as it is now more popularly called is another beach option and another one of the great things to do in Candidasa. Easier to get to than Bias Tugel and more food and activity choice. Snorkelling is popular here, both from the beach or being taken further by boat. We snorkelled from the beach which to be honest wasn’t great, but glad we did it, and was still fun and something to do if you don’t just want to lay on the beach. I did enjoy my juice, cheers to you, beach with a thousand names.

Virgin Beach Juice

Hire A Private Driver

This was how we chose to see the area and visit the beaches. Unfortunately I cannot find our drivers details, but he was great. Hotels will often have a list of private drivers at either ‘hotel organised’ rates or provide you with drivers details to negotiate your own rate. Private drivers are great as they often share local knowledge of the area, as well as being your driver for the arranged time, meaning if you visit Bias Tugel for example, your driver will be waiting for you and take you back too (or to the next stop!).

Stay In Accommodation With A Seaside View

Things To Do Candidasa

We stayed at Alila Manggis which was a beautiful hotel which had a great seaside view. This stretch of coast seems very tide affected. There is not a ‘Candidasa Beach’ because when it is high tide there is no beach. Hence staying ‘seaside’ not ‘beach’ but I actually loved watching the waves crash into land. If you’re looking for another hotel option, there are some great options on

Candidasa Sunset

So there are definitely some great things to do in Candidasa on your trip. These are just what we have done ourselves and would love to hear in the comments some of your favourite sites and activities in Candidasa.

What Where Your Favourite Things To Do In Candidasa? We Would Love To Hear From You…

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