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12 Amazing Things To Do In Lombok

Things To Do In Lombok

Going to Lombok was an unforgettable experience. Lombok is a complete contrast to Bali, yet the two go so well together. There are so many unique things to do in Lombok, below you can see some of our favourites!

1. Stay On The Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are a group of 3 small islands not far off the coast of Lombok. They are stunningly beautiful and a must see. They are often what bring people to Lombok, but you have to see the mainland too!

2. Ride A Bike The Entire Way Around Gili Trawangan

We stayed on Gili Trawangan, and were curious just how small this island really is. There are no cars on Gili Trawangan, so we hired bikes, and rode the entire way around the island, stopping off for food and drinks and swims along the way. A great way to spend the day (and it’s really not that far).

3. Mount Rinjani Trek

We haven’t done the Mount Rinjani Trek but have heard all about it and have seen photos of the magical views you get from the top. Perhaps not your first choice if you’re preparing for a relaxing holiday, but if you’re up for the challenge it seems more then worth it!

4. Relax/Swim/Paddle Board/Snorkel At The Beach

Lombok has many stunning beaches, and no matter what way you choose to spend your day on one, it’s sure to be nice. There are always many activities to choose from, including swimming, paddle boarding and snorkelling.

5. Learn How to Dive

The Gili Islands have many scuba diving schools, and is often a reason why people visit. And it might mean you “have to” stay a little longer on these dreamy islands.

6. Visit The “Other” Gili Islands

The Gili Islands that I have mentioned so far, are not the only Gili Islands in Lombok. Thats because Gili actually means “small island” in Sasak (the local dialect). The other Gili Islands I’m referring to are situated on the southwest coast (as opposed to the northwest), are more remote and less touristy. They have beautiful waters for relaxing, snorkelling and diving.

7. Discover Postcard Perfect Beaches

Lombok Beaches

Lombok is home to some picture perfect beaches. The Gili Islands are surrounded with white sand and clear blue waters. On the mainland, you have beautiful beaches such as Mawun Beach, Selong Belanak, Tanjung Aan, Seger Beach, and Belongas Bay.

8. Visit The Islands Capital Mataram

Mataram is the capital of Lombok and a hub of government, health and education. Here you’ll get a realistic glimpse into everyday life, rather then visit tourist attractions.

9. Change Your Perspective On Kuta

Kuta in Bali gets a bad wrap for being overdeveloped and over-touristy. Well, there’s also a Kuta in Lombok and it’s nothing like it’s Bali counterpart. Except that it too, is known for it’s beaches and surfing.

10. Visit One Of Lombok’s Beautiful Waterfalls

One of the most beautiful things to do in Lombok is visit it’s amazing waterfalls. The main waterfalls are Sendang Gile, Tiu Kelep and Jukut Waterfalls.

11. Unwind In Tetebatu

Tetebatu is a village near the base of Mount Rinjani. Relax and unwind, or trek through the rice fields and visit the Jukut Waterfalls.

12. Use Senggigi As A Great Base On The Island


Senggigi is the main tourist hub of Lombok. In saying this, it’s still pretty remote but has more facilities and accommodation than most other areas in Lombok. Spend a couple of day’s here or use it as your base to see the rest of Lombok.

What’s your favourite things to do in Lombok?


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