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Best Time To Visit Lombok Indonesia

So whats the best time to visit Lombok? The answer depends on weather, seasons and events, to name a few. Here we look into all these things so you can decide what works best for you.


Lombok Weather and Climate

Lomboks weather is beautiful all year round, thanks to it’s tropical climate. Although it has two seasons – wet and dry, Lombok’s wet season is much drier then Bali’s. The Dry Season runs from May through to September. The Wet Season runs from October through to April.

In terms of weather, the most popular time to visit Lombok is definitely the Dry Season. But the wet season is less humid and rainfall is not overly high, making this a close second if not an overlooked first.

We visited Lombok during September, and the weather was hot, humid, sunny and beautiful. Weather wise, this was a great time to go to Lombok. But it seems as if Lombok’s weather is pretty amazing all year round.

Peak and Off Peak Seasons

Lombok Beaches

Travelling during the peak season often means more expense and more people, so take this into consideration.

Peak Season for Lombok is similar to Bali – During the Dry Season (May through to September) and around Christmas and New year (December/January). This coincides with the drier weather and end of year holiday break. Having said this, Lombok is generally never as busy as certain places in Bali.

Travelling to Lombok during off peak season (predominantly the wet season with the exception of December/January) should definitely be considered as the wet season in Lombok is much drier then its neighbour Bali. Having said that, if you’re thinking of doing a trek, then the dry season is still best as there is less chance of rainfall.

Lombok Events

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the best time to visit Lombok, are Lombok events or festivals. Some events may interest you and some events may restrict what you can do.

Here are some events which happen in Lombok, although the dates can change each year.

Bau Nyale Festival (usually in February or March): This is a ‘catching of sea worms’ festival that happens annually. It draws the crowds at Seger Beach, Kuta, where people camp out overnight and join in the traditional rituals, art performances and boat races.

Ogoh Ogoh Parade (usually in March or April): This is an event that happens the day before Nyepi day (Hindu New Year), and occurs in Mataram and west Lombok. Here they have Ogoh Ogoh Statues in a parade.

Nyepi Day (usually in March or April): Nyepi Day signifies the start of the Saka New Year for Indonesian Hindu people and is a day of Silence, reflection, fasting and meditation in Bali. Because of this, Bali airport and other transport services are closed so you will not be able to get to or from Lombok on this day. Although Nyepi Day is still an event in Lombok, the island functions as normal.

Gendang Beleq Festival (usually in April): This is a festival which features locals performing a dance, accompanied by drums and colourful clothing. It is a unique cultural activity of Lombok.

Senggigi Festival (usually in July): A several day celebration of Lombok art and culture, to promote Lombok tourism. A great way to see culture from all over Lombok in one place, and a fun event with parades and competitions.

Ramadan: A muslim event characterised by a month of fasting. Most businesses, restaurants and hotels in tourist hubs in Lombok are still open.

Lebaran (Idul Fitri): Significant Muslim festival which marks the end of the Ramadan Fasting. Can be a difficult time for transport and some businesses are closed, including banks.

Idul Adha: This is Muslim day of Sacrifice. Most businesses are closed.

Perang Topat (usually in November or Decemeber): This is a rice cake war celebrated by both Hindu’s and Muslims at the Pura Lingsar Temple at West Lombok. People come together to offer up cakes, fruit, rice etc. to give thanks for their crops. Following this, there is a good natured war of rice cake throwing to celebrate harmony between people of Lombok.

As you may also be either going through Bali to get to Lombok or including Bali as part of your Indonesian Holiday, click here for Bali Events Calendar.

So whats the best time to visit Lombok? Lombok is a great destination all year round, depending on what type of Lombok holiday you want. The dry season is your best option, closely followed by the wet season. Of course depending on what it is you want out of your Lombok Holiday.

So that’s the best time to visit Lombok generally, what’s your favourite time to go?

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