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One Month In Bali: Our Bali Itinerary 2015

One Month In Bali

Although we’ve been to Bali many times, this year we spent one month in Bali and we are still finding new and amazing experiences.

We thought we’d share our Bali itinerary with you, so you can get an idea of things to do, places to visit and where to stay in Bali. Keep in mind that we moved around a lot because we wanted to discover new places and things to do and share those with you. If you were thinking about spending a month in Bali, you could take this approach or you could slow things down a bit and just a pick a few places to stay.

How We Spent One Month In Bali


Saturday 23rd – Wednesday 27th of May

Our time in Seminyak was filled with cafes and restaurants, massages, relaxing by the pool and stopping in for a drink at Seminyak’s beach clubs.


Highlight: Walking from Batu Belig Beach to Seminyak beach at sunset, stopping in for a drink at Potato Head and finishing at La Plancha. And Food.

Where we stayed: Anantara Seminyak


Wednesday 27th – Friday 29th of May 

Next stop we stayed right on the border of Kuta and Legian. Here we relaxed, got yet another massage, explored the area/streets and did a cooking class.

Beach near Kuta

Highlight: Walking along Kuta beach, continuing onto the boardwalk, and discovering a beautiful little beach further south.

Where we stayed: The Stones Hotel by Marriott


Friday 29th of May – Monday 1st of June


So although we stayed in Seminyak, Legian and Kuta this trip, this was more to explore what it was like to stay in each area. If you’re planning a trip to Bali, and you wanted to stay in these areas, you would just pick one of them as they are next to each other.

Highlight: Relaxing at SKAI beach club

Where we stayed: Padma Resort Legian


Monday 1st – Wednesday 3rd of June


This was our first time staying in Candidasa, and it was so peaceful. The change from the more touristy areas was really nice. We did a cooking class set in an organic garden, overlooking rice fields. We hired a private driver for the day to explore the surrounding areas like Bias Tugul Beach and White Sand Beach.

Highlight: Cooking Class

Where we stayed: Alila Manggis


Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th of June


It was our first time in Sidemen, and we are so happy we went there. Sidemen is a peaceful village surrounded by rice fields. And everything we did pretty much revolved around that. We did a rice terrace walk and we pretty much stayed in the rice fields themselves.

Highlight: Rice Terrace Trek

Where we stayed: Sawah Indah Villa


Friday 5th – Sunday 7th of June

We have been to Ubud plenty of times before, but this time we were actually here during the Ubud food festival. It was very busy, but they had lots of talks and workshops you could go to, including night markets.

Ubud Night Markets

Highlight: Night Markets during Ubud Food Festival

Where we stayed: Alila Ubud


Sunday 7th – Monday 8th of June

This was our first time to Lovina. A quick visit, but we managed to eat and explore the main streets and beach. On our drive from Ubud to Loving we got a private driver and spent the day exploring, from Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, to Beratan Lake and Ulun Danu Temple, to the twin lakes and the waterfalls of Munduk.

Munduk Waterfall

Highlight: Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Beratan Lake & Ulun Danu Temple and Munduk.


Monday 8th – Saturday 13th of June

Ubud Markets

Back to Ubud! We spent the week here exploring the food scene of Ubud, doing a bit of yoga (ok, one class!) and relaxing.

Highlight: Waking up early and doing the Campuhan Ridge Walk

Where we stayed: Tunjung Mas Bungalow

Tanjung Benoa

Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th of June

We spent the day at beautiful Pandawa Beach, exploring Tanjung Benoa and relaxing.

Pandawa Beach

Highlight: Pandawa beach

Where we stayed: Holiday Inn Benoa

Nusa Dua

Sunday 14th – Monday 15th of June

Sofitel Nusa Dua

A morning walk along the boardwalk in Nusa Dua, beach on one side, beautiful hotels on the other. We also had the Magnifique Brunch at Sofitel Nusa Dua, which could quite possibly be the best brunch in Bali.

Highlight: Magnifique Brunch

Where we stayed: Sofitel Nusa Dua


Monday 15th – Sunday 21st of June

Jimbaran Bali

Ahh, Jimbaran, one of our favourite spots. Our time here involved a few seafood dinners on the beach, exploring the beaches of the Bukit Peninsular and relaxing.

Highlight: Beaches, seafood and the best corn on the beach!

Where we stayed: Intercontinental Bali

So that’s how we spent one month in Bali! If you have any questions let us know in the comments below…


  1. Absolutely enjoyed reading your blog! My girlfriend and I are planning to take a trip this summer and spend about 3 weeks. Our plan is to spend 1 night in Sanur, 3 nights in Nusa Lembongan, 4 nights in Ubud, 2 nights in Canggu, 2 nights in Seminyak, and 2 nights in Jimbaran. I don’t know if this will make us feel rushed or would it not be a big deal. We love to go to places where it’s not so touristy but still very beautiful. Plans such as day trips to Nusa Penida and all of the not-so-well-known waterfalls are a must. I would love some input on our itinerary! Thank you and for your response in advance and also for the great blog!

    1. Hi Kyle, thanks for your comment :) Hope your looking forward to your trip! It may feel rushed but also doable if you wanted to stay at all those places. Do you have 3 weeks or 2 weeks? your itinerary adds up to 2 weeks but you mentioned 3 weeks? If you had those extra days I would probably add them onto your existing plan and it would be less rushed straight away. With visiting some not-so-well-known-waterfalls, perhaps get in contact with a private driver company and let them know what you are after and book that in advance. If you have any in mind email them the photos/names.
      We have done similar a few times with Bali Made (see one of our experiences below)
      Happy Travels!

  2. So happy I found your amazing blog! 1st timers with about 16/17 nights. Itinerary looks something like this at the moment: 4n Seminyak, 3n Ubud, 3n Lombok, 3n Gili – T or Air, not sure and then finish 4n Nusa Dua. Trying to keep away from very touristy areas and have a pleasant mix of beach and culture. Would appreciate your thoughts!

    1. Hi Catherine, Thanks so much :) I think your itinerary sounds great. With Gili T or Air, Gili T is more touristy however also more to do etc. Gili Air is more tranquil. When in Nusa Dua, you could also visit the beautiful beaches near Uluwatu and have a seafood dinner in Jimbaran (which is quite touristy but also a great experience). Have an amazing time in Bali ;)

  3. Your blog is excellent on Bali. We are going to Bali this year again with our family. We want to go to either Candi Dasa/ Amed or Pemuteran for 3 or 4 nights as part of our trip. Which area would be best with children aged 12, 10 and 8. They like snorkelling, beaches and swimming pools, nice lunch spots near the beach and we would be interested in seeing one of the volcanos.

    1. Hi Vanessa, Thanks so much that means so much to us :)
      We haven’t been to Pemuteran before but from what we could say, may be the best for snorkelling, especially if you head to Menjangan Island. From places in Amed you could see Mt Agung from a distance, but considering its activity at the present time you would not visit this volcano. Candidasa is a great choice too. There are a number of nice beaches that you can visit while there if that’s where you decide. We have snorkelled from White Sand Beach (aka Virgin Beach) and had fun but not much sea life/corals to see from the beach. All the options I would not describe as having ‘plentiful’ restaurant options. There will be warungs along many beaches though where you can get lunch etc.
      We have an article + video on some things to do in Candidasa if you wanted to have a look or get a feel for the area.
      I’m sure whichever place you add into your trip you will be glad to have :) If you chose Pemuteran we would love to hear about it (thinking of heading there ourselves next adventure). Have a great trip with the family!

  4. Hi
    I am trying to put together an itinerary for my daughter and her boyfriend both of whom are studying for exams at the moment. They are both twenty and are going to Bali for 3 weeks from 2-22 Dec this year. They like snorkeling, beach, partying, restaurants and doing what young people do! They have never been to Bali-neither have I. How does this sound:
    SEMINYAK 5 nights,(they can do Kuta, Legian from there), UBUD 4 nights, TANJUNG BENOA 3 nights, JIMBARAN 3nights, AMED 3 nights, NUSA Lembongan 3 nights, GILLI 3 nights. I know it adds up to 24 nights but not sure what to cut down or even what should follow from what-please help!
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Kathrin, thanks for your comment. A couple of thoughts :)

      The idea of doing Kuta and Legian from Seminyak is a good one. There is still nightlife in Seminyak and only a short taxi away from Kuta/Legian if that’s where they want to party.
      Ubud is almost a must for any first trip to Bali.
      I will say that perhaps do one or two fewer places. I may suggest possible cuts be Amed (Mainly best for diving) is one of those and same with Tanjung Benoa.
      With the order, I would start and finish closer to the airport. I would not want to be heading to the airport on the same day as leaving from the Gili’s or Nusa Lembongan as even though boat cancellations are not common you don’t want to miss a flight due to boat delay/cancellation.

      Hope this helps, let us know if you have any more questions and we wish your daughter and her boyfriend well for their exams :)

  5. Hi Mandy and Chris! I’m planning my very first solo trip ever, to Bali, for 26 days. I’ve never done this before and your blog has been super helpful. Thank you!

    I’m planning to stay half the time in Canggu, and half in Ubud. Your guides are super useful!

    1. Hi Dianne Thanks so much that means a lot :) That sounds amazing! Spending longer in fewer places is a great way to experience anywhere. Canggu and Ubud will have you loving Bali I’m sure. Hope you have an incredible trip, let us know how it goes :)

  6. Hello, Love your blog!
    I have been to Bali for a week before and I am going back for 3 and 1/2 weeks at the end of October.
    I have booked first few nights accommodation in Legian (This is where I have been before and need somewhere to relax after loooong flight from the UK).
    Would you recommend booking accommodation before you arrive or when you get there for the rest of the trip?

    1. Hi Clare,
      Nice to hear from you and thanks for your kind words :) Whilst it is easy enough most of the time to book when you are there, we generally always prefer just to book before we get there so we do not need to think about it when you get there. You can sometimes get a slightly cheaper rate in person, but it can go the other way too. If you are uncertain look into hotels with free cancellation so you can book and still change your mind. You can take a look at our Bali accommodation guides here:
      Your trip is so soon, hope you have everything sorted let us know if you have any questions :)

  7. Hi there, great post!
    we booked our trip for nearly a month and this post was really useful!
    One Question: is it better to pre-book all the hotels and courses before hand? like motorbikes and stuff or we could just go there and book everything there?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Guillermo,

      Thanks for your comment, we generally like to book all our accommodation and our must do tours/cooking classes/day exploring with a private driver etc beforehand. We also will book our fast boats if we are going to Gilis/Nusa Islands/Lombok so we know we have a reputable company for the time that suits us. For getting from a to b, motorbike hire or anything that you are happy to decide later, then you can do all that there. You can take a look at our Bali accommodation guides here:
      Enjoy your month in Bali, :)

  8. Love this site ! Great info! I have a few questions:
    If I stay in Sanur can I get to kuta by scooter ?
    Is 2-3 days in Ubud long enough?
    If we want to stay on Gili T do you recommend us take day trips to air and meno? Or split our time in half, 2 nights on T and 2 nights on air ?
    A little bit more about us: 25 year old couple first time to Bali, spending about 3 weeks, on a budget but want to see/do as much as possible. We like to party but not 24/7 so I don’t think kuta is a place we want to stay. We are looking for beautiful beaches, lots of shops, restaurants, bars, water activities, culture etc. We are thinking of staying in Sanur the first few nights then heading to Gilis then Ubud a few nights and then not sure from there. Hoping to spend 3000-3500k total (flights seperate) do you think this is doable ? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated !!

    1. Thanks Loren!
      Yes you can get to Kuta from Sanur on Scooter, but I wouldn’t ride a scooter in Bali unless your comfortable, and you won’t be covered by travel insurance if you don’t have the proper licences.
      2-3 days in Ubud is a good amount of time, depending on what you want to do there.
      Staying on Gili T is fine unless you want to change things up, Gili T is very touristy, air and meno are less so, so depends if you want to stay overnight in a quieter spot or not.
      I think Seminyak, Gili islands, Ubud, and Uluwatu would be great options. And 3500k is definitely doable. Hope you have a great time in Bali :)

  9. Hi Mandy & Chris,
    I’m looking into going to Bali in September but I’m just wondering how to get around the island? Is it easy to hire a driver to drop us off at our next destination? I.e.- If we’re staying in seminyak then want to go to our next accomdation in Ubud? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Loren, cheap massages will go for about 80,000 IDR (about $8 AUD). Fancier massages can be anywhere from $25 – $80. All massages are usually great, the main separator is the products they use and the spa surrounds ;)

  10. Very nice blog you have! We just booked Bali for 6 days 5 nights in early June 2016. Any suggestion on where to stay, which area/beach is the best for first timers to Bali. We also wish to do a photo shoot to celebrate our 25th anniversary, do you know of any good and reasonable photographers. Where would be good places to shoot …. appreciate your feedback.


    1. Thanks Wendy :) For your first trip to Bali it’s great to stay in two different areas to give you a different look at Bali, but as you only have 5 nights it might be best to just base yourself in one location, it’s a fine line?!
      If you do one location, either Seminyak, Ubud or Jimbaran would be my picks. Seminyak has beach, beach bars, restaurants and shops. Jimbaran is a bit quieter, with seafood restaurants on the beach and closer access to Uluwatu for some stunning beaches. Ubud is more central, scenic with rice fields in the outskirts. The village itself has restaurants and shopping, but can be busy by day. Otherwise you can stay in the outskirts which is always beautiful and visit the village.
      As for photographers, we unfortunately haven’t used any in Bali. As for places to shoot, the cliff tops and beaches of Uluwatu, rice fields around Ubud, any of the beaches around sunset, but I’m sure your photographer will have some great picks too.

      Have a great trip, we’d love to hear about your photographer :)
      Mandy and Chris

  11. We just booked for February in Bali, without checking the weather. Now I’m wondering if that was a mistake. Have you being there in rainy season?


    1. Hi Gaye, don’t worry at all, Bali is a great destination all year round. We have been many times in the wet season, and although there will be rain, it usually is just in short heavy downpours. They don’t last for long, the temperature is still warm, and you should also have sunny days too. On our last trip, it was during dry season, and for about 1 week of the month, it rained every day. So there are never any guarantees with weather :) The main thing it would affect would be things like trekking, as this can be more dangerous/cancelled due to wet conditions. Otherwise, it’s just a good excuse to get another massge when the rain comes down :)
      Let us know if you have any other questions and have a great time in Bali.

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