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One Week Bali Itinerary: Getting To Know Bali

One Week Bali Itinerary

Our suggested one week Bali itinerary includes options on where to stay, places to visit and things to do, to take the hassle out of planning your Bali Holiday. We can also help you plan your trip to Bali and save you time by using our ‘Bali One Week Itineraries‘ printable PDF.

One Week Bali Itinerary

One of the travelling mistakes we seem to make time and time again is moving around too much and trying to fit too much in. It’s so easy to spend most of your time travelling, packing and unpacking. For this reason, we have suggested staying in only two different locations in a one week Bali Itinerary. We make some activity suggestions to give you some ideas, but once you’re there you will figure out things to do specifically for your interests.

Day 1

Welcome to Bali! Start your holiday in Ubud. Here you will find yourself immersed in authentic Balinese culture and stunning landscapes. Depending what time your flight lands, you may not have a lot of time today as Ubud is approx. 2 hrs from the airport.

What you don’t do today, you can do on day 3.

Sleep: Ubud 

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Activity Options:

  • Explore Ubud Village
  • Get a massage
  • Try the local cuisine
  • Shop the local stores and markets

Mandy & Chris Tips

If you arrive in Bali late at night, it might be best to sleep the first night close to the Airport (e.g. Tuban or Kuta).

Day 2

Your first full day in Ubud. Do any tours or specific activities you want to do today.

Sleep: Ubud

Activity Options:

  • Cooking class and Market Tour
  • Bike riding from the mountains down through local villages, finishing in Ubud
  • White water rafting on nearby rivers

Day 3

Your last day in Ubud. Try some of the suggested activities below or just relax and enjoy Ubud Village and surrounds.


Sleep: Ubud

Activity Options:

  • Go to Ibu Oka (aka. Suckling Pig) for Lunch
  • Try your hand at Bali arts and crafts @ ARMA or Pondak Pecak Library
  • Go for a walk to explore the natural beauty of Ubud
  • Take a taxi/driver to Mas Village, the woodcarving village and see some amazing wood furniture and sculptures.
  • Try yoga at Yoga Barn

Day 4

Today you can leave Ubud early if you’re ready to move on or leave Ubud later if you still want more. Head to Seminyak when you’re ready by taxi/Driver. There are no official taxi’s in Ubud, but drivers with cars. Otherwise you can get a private driver and stop along the way to see more of Bali.

Sleep: Seminyak

Read More: Where to stay in Seminyak

Activity Options:

  • Walk around the streets of Seminyak and explore
  • Go to the beach
  • Try a local warung
  • Go to one of Seminyaks trendy bars for a drink – Try Ku De Ta

Day 5

Your first full day in Seminyak.


Sleep: Seminyak

Activity Options:

  • Get a massage on the beach or treat yourself to a luxury spa in Seminyak
  • Have a look at the markets in Seminyak Square
  • Go to Jimbaran Bay for a seafood dinner on the beach (try the south end in between four seasons and Intercontinental – these group of restaurants are our fave). Arrive before sunset so you can be on the beach for sunset.

Day 6

Get out and see the surrounds in the morning then finish your evening back in Seminyak.

Sleep: Seminyak

Activity Options:

  • Relax at the beach
  • Try out another beach bar in Seminyak in the afternoon. Have a cocktail whilst watching the sunset – Try Potato Head.
  • Have dinner in Seminyak – anything from a local warung to fine dining.

Day 7

Fill your day with your favourite things from your holiday, whether that be lazing on the beach, grabbing one more massage or doing some last minute shopping.

We ended the trip in Seminyak, rather than Ubud, as Seminyak is much closer to the Airport, and Bali traffic can be highly unpredictable. It is common to be delayed by traffic, so the shorter the distance to go the better. This way you won’t spend your last day travelling.

Sleep: Home/Plane

Activity Options:

  • Your favourite things to do in Seminyak
  • Pack
  • Fly Home

Itinerary Variations

This is a fairly classic One Week Bali Itinerary, and within each location, you should find a variety of things to do that suit your interests.

The time frame above is just a guide of what we think is a good amount of time to spend in each location. Obviously, this depends on you and what you want to do on your holiday. So use our activity suggestions to help you figure out how long you want to stay where.

When in Ubud, make sure you explore the surrounds and not just Ubud Village. The surrounds are where you will find picturesque rice fields and luscious landscapes.

We chose Seminyak as the destination to spend the later part of your holiday as there are a lot of things to do here and surrounding areas. Some other options would be Jimbaran, Nusa dua, or Sanur (please see “places” for further info on these destinations).

So use our One Week Bali Itinerary as a guide only, and hopefully, it can help you build your own itinerary to make your Bali Holiday a memorable one. If you’re wanting to spend more time in Bali, take a look at our two week and three week itineraries.

Still need help planning your trip to Bali? Take a look at our Bali One Week Itineraries guide (a 62 page interactive PDF) to help you plan the perfect trip. Think of it as the value of an itinerary planning service, but with the convenience of getting and using it straight away.


  1. Dear Mandy and Chris,

    Fantastic blog, it’s of immense help.

    I am looking to visit Bali on July, for my 1st marriage anniversary, we are planning for 5 nights. Kindly help me how can I plan my trip?

    1. Hi Shantanu so happy to hear your words :) When planning 5-night trip I would say to try and stick to 1-2 destinations. You can always do a day trip or two but at least you won’t need to worry about checking-out and moving hotels every day. Wishing you both a beautiful anniversary!

  2. Hi Mandy and Chris,

    I shared your blog to many friends who planned to visit Bali and it was a great help to them. Finally I am travelling to Bali for Honeymoon. I am planning for 6 days in Bali. Me and my Wife are more of Beach person. Looking at that I planned – 2 Semiyak, 2 Days Kuta/Nusa Dua 2 days Ubud. This is very tight schedule. Can you please let us know if it stands good.

    1. Hi Divyanshu,
      Thanks for sharing our blog and we are so excited for your honeymoon:) Sounds great, only thing I may suggest is only picking 2 places. Maybe pick one place out of Seminyak/Nusa Dua and spend 4 nights, so you do not need to move so much. I would say Ubud for 2 nights is the other place as it is different to the beachy places. Please let us know if you have any more questions :) Hope you and your wife have the best honeymoon!

  3. Hi Mandy and Chris,
    I just stubbled upon your blog today and will be heading to Seminyak tomorrow.. I am so excited and foundalot of your blog very helpful!!! I can’t wait to try the coffee

  4. Thanks for this great info. Will be my first time travelling to Bali with my mum in December. Was a bit overwhelmed by the number of choices, but this site made choosing easy :)

  5. Hi Mandy and Chris,

    Love the website! I plan on visiting Bali for a week with friends in February (I know it might be off season and raining then) and was looking at this guide for some sort of direction on what to do. I understand Ubud ofers a more tranquil experience with ample scope to unwind and explore but what if I want to split the next 4 days between something more adventurous and fun? Would you suggest Kuta since I’m looking for a few days in a place with decent nightlife. Please do update me!

    1. Hi Hassaan, thanks so much :)
      In Ubud you can still do things like white water rafting and trekking volcano’s if your up for more adventure. But for nightlife I would definitely suggest staying somewhere between Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. I prefer the beach bars of Seminyak, but there are probably more ‘clubs’ in Kuta/Legian area. You can also get a taxi between the three areas if you need to.
      Have a great time in Bali :)

    1. Hi,
      if it’s your first time to Bali I think basing yourself in 2 different areas is a nice way to see 2 different sides to Bali. You could easily spend the entire 10 days in one hotel, if you’d prefer or if you want to see more, you could change to 3 different areas, but it wouldn’t be as relaxing. We flew into Ngurah Rai International airport… it is the only one in Bali.
      Hope you have an amazing time in Bali :)

  6. Hi!
    Loving this blog as it is filling my head with countless ideas on how to plan my upcoming bali trip. One question though… when or what month was this one-week itinerary? Was it January 2015? I’m thinking about late February… any thoughts or feedback on that? let me know when you can… mahalo!!


    1. Hi Kristen, thanks so much :)
      This particular itinerary is just a guide of how to spend a week in Bali, you can find some other itineraries here:

      We have been in both wet and dry seasons (we are here now in wet season), and yes it rains more in the wet season, but it’s still pretty unpredictable. I really Bali is an all year round destination. Best chance of avoiding rain is the dry season, but during wet season the rain can still be short bursts with days of sunshine in between.

      Hope this helps and have a great trip!
      Mandy and Chris :)

  7. Hi there! its good to read your trip to Bali. I have leave next month and i will go to Bali for 5 days with my boyfriend. We’ll follow your blog! :) Good luck for both of you

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