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Two Week Bali Itinerary: Where To Go + What To Do

Our suggested Two Week Bali Itinerary is enough to get a taste of a few places in Bali. There is time to see a few different locations, but try not to squeeze too much in if you want to relax on your holiday as well! Two weeks in Bali is a great length for a first trip or a repeat visit, but whenever we go to Bali for two weeks, we leave wanting more (having said that, you go for three weeks and it’s still not enough…weird how holidays are never long enough).  Use our Two week Bali Itinerary to get some ideas of things to do in Bali and places to go.

See our Bali Itinerary Guides to plan your best trip to Bali.

Two Week Bali Itinerary

Day 1 – 3: Seminyak

Welcome to Bali! Start your holiday in Seminyak as this is not to far from the airport, so if your flight gets in late at night you don’t have far to go. Seminyak is close to Kuta but also far enough away that you can relax and unwind. There is plenty to do in Seminyak and surrounding areas, which should give you a nice introduction to your Bali Holiday, however don’t expect bucket loads of culture and rice fields, wait til you get to Ubud for that.

Activity Options:

  • Explore the streets of Seminyak
  • Go shopping! Everything from clothes to furniture to art galleries…
  • Relax on Seminyak Beach
  • Check out the markets at Seminyak Square
  • Try the local cuisine at a Warung
  • Have a drink at one of Seminyak’s trendy bars (try Potato Head or Ku De Ta)
  • Feeling fancy? Have dinner at one of Seminyak’s fine dining restaurants
  • Get a massage! You will be spoiled for choice…from massage on the beach to a luxury spa
  • Explore the surrounding areas
  • Have a look at Tanah Lot, a picturesque Balinese Temple near Tabanan
  • Bring your swimmers and go to Waterbom Park in Tuban/Kuta
  • Learn to Surf at one of the surfing schools along the beaches of Kuta/Legian/Seminyak

Day 4 – 7: Ubud

Ubud Markets

Get a taxi from Seminyak to go to Ubud, which should take between 1.5 and 2 hrs depending on traffic.

Ubud is often referred to as the heart of Bali and is known to be the cultural hub, surrounded by picturesque rice fields, yoga barns and more copies of “eat, pray, love” then the locals would like. Ubud Village has it’s fair share of traffic, but if you stay in the village it’s easy to walk around and skip the traffic jams. But don’t miss Ubud surrounds, as this is where some of Bali’s true beauty lie.

Activity Options:

  • Explore Ubud Village by foot
  • Get a massage… or get many
  • Eat the local cuisine (a must try is the famous Ibu Oka or “suckling pig”)
  • Learn how to cook the local cuisine…take a cooking class (we loved Lobong Cooking Class)
  • Go organic…walk through the rice fields to get to Sari Organic for lunch and amazing views
  • Shop the local stores and markets
  • Bike riding tour from the mountains down through local villages (we loved Bali Eco Cycling)
  • Get crafty! Take a lesson in Bali arts and crafts @ ARMA or Pondak Pecak Library
  • If you’re feeling adventurous try a white water rafting tour
  • Try Yoga at Yoga Barn
  • Take a taxi to Mas Village and look at Balinese woodcarving and furniture
  • Do the Campuhan Ridge walk or try these other walks in Ubud

Day 8 – 10: Padang Bai/Candidasa/Amed

Padang Bai

Take a taxi or a private driver to get to Padang Bai/Candidasa/Amed area. This should take between 1.5 and 2.5 hrs and is a scenic drive. These places are a bit more off the beaten track, much more laid back, but also have less “things to do”.

Activity Options:

  • Relaxing
  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming
  • Scuba Diving
  • Explore surrounding areas
  • White Sand Beach
  • Bias Tugul Beach
  • Bike ride around a village

Day 11 – 14: Jimbaran/Uluwatu


Take a private driver to get back to Jimbaran/Uluwatu area. Jimbaran or Uluwatu, both south of Kuta have some of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. Jimbaran Beach is best for swimming whilst beaches surrounding Uluwatu are world-renown for surfing. Both areas have a laid back vibe but are closer to more central parts of Bali. So anything you want to go back and do in Kuta/Legian/Seminyak/Nusa Dua area you could do as a day trip from here. These are the perfect places to unwind before you go home to your daily grind. You would pick either Jimbaran or Uluwatu to base yourself, but you can easily travel between the two. Jimbaran and Uluwatu are home to some of Bali’s most luxurious hotels and resorts, although there are some cheaper options available. Jimbaran is also fairly close to the Airport so it’s no hassle to get home.

Activity Options:

  • Relax
  • Beach (swim, surf or laze on the beach)
  • Fit in some more massages (ranging from local stores to luxury spas)
  • Visit the Jimbaran Local Markets (mainly fresh fruit & vegetables and other produce) and have a traditional Balinese breakfast
  • Go to the Jimbaran Seafood Markets on the beach
  • Enjoy a seafood dinner at Jimbaran beach (Our favourite are the south end group of restaurants)
  • Head to Rock Bar at Ayana Resort in time to see the sunset over a cocktail
  • See Uluwatu Temple and the Kecak Fire Dance (watch out for the Monkeys!)

Itinerary Variations

Within a two week Bali Itinerary you can definitely see 4 different places and spend a few days at each. But if you want to have some down time it might be worth just seeing 2 – 3 destinations and spending a week in each. See our One week Bali Itinerary but extend the time spent in each place.

In days 8 – 10 we suggest going to Padang Bai, Candidasa or Amed area, but if this doesn’t interest you, you could substitute this for North Bali, places like Lovina and Singaraja, or Nusa Lembongan. Or you could add these two days at destinations you are already going to.

If you have been to Bali before, relax in a place you know and love and pick a destination you haven’t been to explore.

The time frame in our Two Week Bali Itinerary is just a guide to help you take the guess work out of how long you should stay where. But everyone has different interests, so make sure you check out our “places” section for each destination to see what interests you. The aim of this Two Week Bali Itinerary is not to give you an exact itinerary but to help you make your own easily, so you can have the Bali Holiday that you love.

Want to have your itinerary planned for you? Take a look at our Bali Itinerary Guides that do just that.


    1. Hi Phin, Even though it is wet season, you still should get some great weather (as well as bursts of rain). We have been in Bali in December a couple of times and its still been a good time to visit.

  1. Hi Guys!
    I love your website and I’m so happy that I found it as it’s super informative and helpful.
    My fiance and I will be travelling to Bali at the end of April for 13 nights. I was doing my research and trying to come up with an itinerary for our trip. So far we’ve decided to stay for 4 nights in Seminyak, 3 nights in Ubud, and the rest planning to spend on Gili islands and Uluwatu.(still thinking about it)
    Btw I loved your 2 week itinerary I just would love to squeeze in Gili islands as well.
    So I was wondering if you could suggest from the logistics perspective would be easy to get from Ubud to Gili islands or should we go to Uluwatu first and after to Gili islands?
    There is so much information online that it’s easy to get confused.
    I would be very happy to hear your suggestions!

    1. Hi Lala, We have done the journey from Ubud to Gili T and that was easy enough. We had a transfer (with our fast boat ticket and took approx 1.5hrs) from our hotel in Ubud to Padang Bai, then the boat to Gili T. I believe that trip was with Blue Water Express.
      You pay more to book in advance but we like the peace of mind and being able to confirm the included transfer too. If you wanted to do all those places I would suggest this order. Seminyak – Ubud – Gili – Uluwatu. Whichever order you decide, I would recommend having your last night definitely on Bali itself (not Gili’s) just in case your boat is delayed etc. Have a great time!

  2. Lovely Blog! Keep up the good work.

    My gf and I will be in Bali for 15 Nights during mid of April month, here is what I have planned so far, comments are welcome…

    4 Nights in Ubud
    Day 1 – Arriving at Bali airport during mid day so will just travel to Ubud first and relax in the hotel for the day, probably will go to watch a live Bali traditional performance (Ubud royal palace) in the evening with dinner.
    Day 2 – Sightseeing- rice terrace/ temple/ market/ monkey forest / massage
    Day 3 – Hiking to Mt Batur/ cooking class
    Day 4 – Campuhan Ridge Walk / whitewater rafting / some nightlife

    2 Nights in North Bali (Lovina)
    Day 5 – Dolphin watching / waterfalls / snorkeling
    Day 6 – Hot spring /Bali bike park / chill in Lovina Beach.

    3 Nights in GILI T
    Day 7 to 9 – Explore Gili Islands

    3 Nights – Nusa Lembongan
    Day 10 to 12 – Explore Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida islands

    3 Nights in Seminyak
    Day 13 – Expolre Uluwatu & Jimbaran
    Day 14 – Explore Kuta
    Day 15 – Eat & Shop in Seminyak.

    1. Hi Arun, by the looks of your comment you may already be in Bali :) Your plan looks great! It will be a very busy trip which you will see and do so many incredible things. Wishing you both an amazing time :)

  3. Hey guys! first of all thank you sooo much for this incredibly helpful guide!

    My partner and I are in Bali soon for 12 nights, and I notice not many people have mentioned Canggu. Is it worth visiting? We have a couple of days planned there.

    Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Sol, thanks for your comment, yes Canggu is definitely worth visiting. It is great for cafes, surfing and even has some rice fields closeby that are worth a bike ride or walk depending on where you’re staying.
      we have a few articles and a guide on the blog if you haven’t come across them they are here:

      We have done a Video on Canggu if you wanted to get a feel for it:

      Have a great time in Bali :)

      1. Hi Mandy and Chris

        Really helpful guide, thank you!

        I am planning a trip for myself and my partner for our honeymoon in July. I have 6 nights and I was planning to fly from KL to Lombok and spend 3 nights near Kuta on a very wild stretch of beach then get a boat over to Bail for 3 night in Ubud before we fly to Flores to catch our boat round Komodo. Is 3 nights with 2.5 days enough for Ubud or should I give it more time? Do you have a suggest itinerary for Ubud for this amount of time?

        Many thanks


  4. How much would you budget for this trip? I’m trying to plan this as surprise for my boyfriend for his birthday. (GBP)

    1. Hi Halle,
      Bali is a hard one to give a budget for. In Bali you can certainly have cheap days but you can still spend big on days too. It is completely dependent on your holiday and travel style and what you get up too. For example, a meal could cost between 1GBP at a local warung through to 60GBP dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant (and everything in-between) and same with everything you can eat/drink/and do in Bali. Hotels are great value but also a huge range of price. Hope this helps! Hope your boyfriend loves his surprise birthday trip, wishing you both a great time in Bali :)

      1. Hi Mandy and Chris – thanks so much! In terms of the taxi’s – I’m planning on following your route from airport > seminyak > ubud but then going to the gili islands and then back to bali to jimbaran. How much do the taxi transfers usually cost and should they be booked in advance?


        1. Hi Halle :)
          From the airport there is a desk which you can pay for a prepaid taxi. The rates do change but I believe it should be 110,000 IDR to Seminyak area depending on where you are staying. If in doubt you can ask to see the price list which sometimes is behind the desk and not visible. With the other taxis you can just organise them when you’re there. If you are on a schedule you can book the night before. From Seminyak to Ubud Centre I would say just get a Bluebird Taxi (make sure the meter is on). Depending on traffic/route an estimate may be 250,000-350,000 IDR. From Ubud, the village has no taxis or uber etc and is run by ‘Ubud private drivers’. Depending on your driver/negotiation skills the price from ubud to, I’m guessing Padang Bai will be around 300,000 IDR. Do check with the boat company you are heading to Gili with as some will offer free pick-ups from Ubud. Jimbaran is close to the airport and around 100,000 IDR to get to the airport. If you want to stop off anywhere along the way, you can always hire a private driver for a half day or day, which usually starts around $50. These I would try and book in advance. Take a look at our article here:

  5. Hi Mandy & Chris, your information has been really helpful! I’m so glad I came across your site!
    My husband and I are going to Bali for 15 nights in June and were interested in these areas:
    Ubud, Nusa Dua, Seminyak and Jimbaran or Ulluwatu. What order would you do these in? We thought about doing Nusa Dua first as I’ve read it’s nearby to the airport so don’t have to travel far after our long flight?
    Also, I can’t decide if to stay at Jimbaran or Ulluwatu. What would you recommend? We like to walk out for dinner etc…
    Finally, we would like to do a day trip to Nusa Penida or similar, when would you recommend this?
    Thanks for your help :-)

    1. Hi Jo
      Hope your planning is going well!
      If I had to pick an order I would say
      Seminyak – Ubud – Nusa Dua – Jimbaran
      That said there is not really a right or wrong order with these places as long as Ubud is not first or last. We have not been to Nusa Penida yet (we have been to Lembongan) but I would recommend it as it looks stunning and we hope to make it there soon ourselves. I would say Nusa Dua may be the place to do that day trip from. Both Jimbaran and Uluwatu are amazing but without knowing the hotel you will stay at I would say that Jimbaran is the better pick. Jimbaran you can walk to dinner and more is easy to get to by foot (beach, markets, restaurants etc. but not that many food options if you were to compare it to say, Seminyak or Ubud). Uluwatu is quite spread out. Wishing you and your husband an beautiful time in Bali :)

  6. Hey Mandy and Chris,

    I truly enjoyed all your trip information and blogs, it was so much information.
    We were wondering if you could help us with our trip..

    So I and my partner are going to Bali for 10days it’s our first trip together. We both are in the early 20s and would like to explore the place and have some time to ourselves also. we both want to have a mix experiences of parties, visiting places, shopping and chilling by the beach.

    Our Itinerary ( we are open to suggestions )

    3Nights in Ubud ( Tourist things temples, waterfall, and rice terraces)

    2Nights in Gilli Islands ( party and chill on the beach )

    2Nights in Kuta / Seminyak ( party, local food, shopping )

    2Nights in Nusa Penida ( relax )


    Are we overdoing by covering 4 places?

    Should we cover Gilli and Nusa ? or just one of them, if yes, which one is better?

    what places can we avoid or include in this plan?

    All your comments are highly appreciated guys.


    1. Thanks Rhythm so happy you enjoyed it and found it useful :)
      You have picked some amazing places for your trip. I would say you may be overdoing it but that depends on you too, if you are happy with the pace it is ok too. I would suggest to not finish in Gili or Nusa Penida, just in case your boat is delayed you will be on the mainland to get to your flight. Its tough to choose between Gili’s and Nusa Penida.They are very different. Gili’s are smaller and no cars, mopeds etc whilst Nusa Penida is actually a big island and you will need transport (either a moped or organise a driver or tour), so very different feels. If you do both then I would try and head straight from Gili’s to Nusa Penida (you may need to go to Nusa Lembongan first then another quick boat over to Penida). Hope this helps and you and your partner have an awesome trip!

      1. Thank you so much for your valuable comment. I will surly take your suggestiong and also inform you how was our experiences in Nusa Penida! Cheers guys

  7. Hi! I found your site a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been scouring it relentlessly. Tons of good info on here! My girlfriend and I will be heading to Bali for 15 days, 14 nights in May of this year. We are avid travelers and outdoor adventurers. So far this is our itinerary: 3 nights Seminyak, 4 nights Ubud, 3 nights (location unknown), 3 nights Nusa Lembongan, 1 night Seminyak (to be ready for our flight home the following day). I am writing to ask about the 3 ‘unknown’ nights. We are torn between several options. After Ubud, we like the idea of either heading up north towards Lovina, or northeast towards Amed. Our primary goal during this time will be waterfalls, hiking, and overall nature exploration. Should we head to Lovina or Amed? Or maybe just head to Munduk and spend the 3 nights there so we are close to most of the waterfalls? We are lost as to where exactly to base ourselves for those 3 nights before we head to the Nusa islands. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    1. Hi Adrian, thanks for your comment :) your trip sounds great! With your ‘unknown’ nights…that’s a tough one. All of the places you mentioned would be great for their own reasons. I would be leaning more towards Lovina or Munduk if your primary goal is waterfalls and hiking. Munduk feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere in the best possible way. It’s surrounded by lush green nature. Lovina is on the coast and has a relaxed vibe. So I guess its a personal pick depending on what you are after. With Amed, it’s great for scuba diving and a more remote coastal feeling. Hope you both have an amazing time in Bali, let us know if you have any other questions :)

  8. Hi Mandy and Chris,
    My Fiance and I will be taking a SE trip for our honeymoon this fall. We have flexibility with our duration in Bali. We were planning on staying 2-3 weeks. Some of the places we were planning on going included Ubud, Canggu, Gili Islands, Uluwatu, Kuta, and Jimbaran. We love adventures, but also would like some downtime to relax for that honeymoon vibe. Do you have a recommendation of what order to do things in or maybe a recommendation of other places we should see instead that we haven’t thought of? Maybe some “must do” activities that we would not want to miss out on? Thank you!

    1. Hi Misti
      Firstly congratulations in advance for the wedding! All your places are great, but Kuta is not the most ‘relaxing’ environment. There are obviously exceptions depending on where you stay and the hotel you choose. If you haven’t seen this page on Kuta take a look:
      You mentioned downtime to relax for that honeymoon vibe. You can get this at Uluwatu and Jimbaran, but if you’re looking for another destination, then Nusa Dua or Nusa Lembongan would be good.
      There are so many incredible things to do in Bali. Some things to consider are Bukit peninsular beaches (see some great beaches from Uluwatu area), rice terraces and waterfalls in Ubud, cooking class. There are many great temples you could visit too, see which ones interest you. We can never go past a seafood dinner on Jimbaran Bay Beach either (we like the southern group in-between Intercontinental and Four Seasons).
      Wishing you both an incredible honeymoon and let us know if you have any more questions :)

  9. Hey Mandy & Chris,

    Your website has been my go to for planning my 11 day Bali trip. You have done any amazing job- very detailed and informative! I need help with the order of locations to visit during my trip. I was thinking Seminyak-Ubud-Gili Trawangan and lastly Jimbaran. Would you rearrange them differently or choose an alternative destination?
    Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Raquel
      Your words mean so much to us so thank you we always want to be as helpful as we can be:) I think your trip sounds great, I would keep the order how you have it. Have a great trip!!

  10. Hi Mandy and Chris,

    Thanks for the great site. I’m planning my first solo trip (Aged 28) which will be a 10 day trip to Bali in April or most likely June. I would like to do Gili islands (4 nights?), Semanyak (2 nights?) and Ubud (4 nights?). From earlier posts I see that you recommend the Gili’s at the start or middle of the trip to avoid missing the outward flight. Which order do you think will make the most sense?

    I’ve also heard that Jimberan and Nusa Lembongan are worth a visit. If I extended the trip to two weeks, Which one would you recommends to include? (if not both) and how could I get them in to the above Itinerary?

    Many many thanks,


    1. Hi Tops,
      That’s so exciting! You will have a fantastic time :) I would say the order that makes the most sense would be:
      Ubud – Gilli – Seminyak
      Both Jimbaran and Nusa Lembongan are amazing places too and if you extend, they are both worth going to and would fit well like:
      Ubud – Gili – Lembongan – Seminyak – Jimbaran
      I wish you a great trip and please let us know if you have any more questions :)

  11. Hello! Love your website! My husband and I will be in Bali Feb 3-21.We are thinking Seminyak, Ubud and area, the Gilis, and then Jimbaran area for our itinerary but we’re having a hard time deciding. We want to have a mix of unique accommodation experiences — any recommendations of must-stay places at a mid range budget? Also, I’m interested in finding some Balinese beads (silver) — any idea where I might find something like this? And finally, can you clarify the transfer to the Gilis? What’s the fastest, most efficient way to get there? I do tend to get a bit seasick so I’m slightly concerned about the fast boar but it seems like flying to Lombok then transferring over would take a full day! Any advice would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Lindsay, Your comments mean a lot :)
      For great accommodation experiences, there are some stunning hotels in Ubud, in amongst the trees and jungle. We always love staying in the areas surrounding Ubud Village. Take a look at our Ubud recommendations in this article below. As well as picks for Seminyak and Jimbaran.
      For some other unique options you could take a look at AirBnb as well. If you have not signed up already, you can sign up using our link to get $50 off your first booking ;)
      In regards to beads/silver, we don’t have any personal recommendations and know very little on them, however, there are many silver and jewellery classes (they may have good contacts) all over Bali and even some wholesalers depending on how many beads you are after. With the Gili’s, If your boat is running to schedule then I would say that boat is the quickest way. That said we have had better journeys than others when it comes to weather and seas. Your right, if you fly to Lombok then transfer it takes a long time too! Its one of those personal choices. If you go the boat, bring some sea sickness medication from home just in case! That said, the Gili’s are stunning and worth it if you want to fit them in.

  12. Hello, I love your sample itineraries!
    I am coming to Bali end of January and February. I am a photographer and my husband and I farm in Canada. I would really like to meet a farm family and spend the day with them and photograph their everyday working life and gift them with some photos. Can you suggest how I might find or connect with a family? Any suggestions are appreciated.

    1. Hi Jodi, Thanks for your comment! If you are wanting to connect with some Balinese farmers I would suggest maybe reaching out to
      I am not 100% sure they can organise this but would say they are worth an email ;) They both have local contacts that might be what you are after. Alternatively, contact a private driver company and see if they have any farming village ties. Some of the drivers we have had are part of farming families and they may be willing to take you to their home village. Hope you have an amazing trip! We would love if you let us know how you go! Would love to see your photos :)

  13. Hi Mandy and Chris, Happy New Year!
    My boyfriend and I are planning a 2-week trip to Bali in May. We will be staying Sanur (4 days), Nusa Lembongan (4 days), Ubud (4 days) and Kuta (2 days). How does it sound?
    Assuming we will pay the accommodations in advance. How much cash should we bring for 2 people? We will try not to use ATM in Bali unless in emergency.
    I read some old posts in 2015 on Tripadvisor, they mentioned to spare some cash for paying tax when leaving Bali. Is this still valid? I thought my Jetstar ticket includes tax already.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    1. Hi Elaine your itinerary sounds great! If you want to bring cash for the trip that is fine but you should have no issues with using the ATMS in Bali and we have had no issues with accessing cash. 2 weeks of cash is quite substantial be carrying. In Bali you can certainly have cheap days but you can still spend big on days too. It is completely dependent on your holiday and travel style and what you get up too. For example a meal could cost between $2 at a local warung through to $100 dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant (and everything in-between) and same with everything you can eat/drink/and do in Bali. Credit/Debit cards are accepted at many restaurants if you wanted to use cards rather than get out cash too. As for your departure tax, it should be included in your ticket but if in doubt check with Jetstar. Thanks again for your comment and hope you have a great trip!

  14. Hi guys! Thank you for this itinerary, as it has helped me immensely with our trip planning. I do have one question that I was hoping you could assist with… We really want to visit the Gili Islands. From which area in Bali should we do this? Can it be done as a day trip?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Taylor,
      So happy this helped you :) You can do this from a few areas. If you stay in east Bali at all (e.g. Candidasa) this would be ideal, if not it is still ok from Ubud (leave from Padang Bai) or even from Sanur. If you are staying in the South of Bali you can leave from Serangan. Obviously you could still make it work from other places but we would not recommend a day trip to the Gili’s. If you do the Gillis we would say try for 2 nights as a minimum. Hope this helps and that your planning is going well :)

  15. Hi Mandy and Chris, would you recommend visiting the Gili Islands during a 2 week trip? Was thinking about staying in Semniyak and Ubud aswell. Also, do you have any snorkling and fishing trips that you would recommend?

    1. Hi Emily,
      If you are thinking the Gilis then go for it, they are beautiful :) In combination with Seminyak and Ubud, you have a nice mix there. We do not have any specific snorkelling and fishing recommendations, but the Gilis, in general, are great for snorkelling :) Maybe try and have your Gili time at the beginning or in the middle, that way if your boat back to Bali is delayed you won’t miss your flight!

  16. Hi,

    We’re thinking about going to Bali for our honeymoon in December? Do you think this would be a good time of year to go? Having looked at your 2 week itinerary there is quite a lot of 1.5/2 hour taxi rides – how expensive are these taxi trips and are they easy to book out there?
    This is such an informative site – thanks so much for the info!

    1. Hi Ellie
      Hope your honeymoon planning is going well! Whilst December is in the rainy season, we look at Bali as a year-round destination. Generally, the rain will not be complete days of rain and you still should get some nice weather too. With the taxis, they are easy to organise when in Bali. A trip from Seminyak to Ubud, for example, will be between 200.000-300.000 IDR. Just use the meter in a Bluebird taxi. From Ubud, you will need to get an Ubud driver. Still pretty much the same price range but will depend on your driver and the negotiation. Thanks again please let us know if you have any more questions :) Have a great trip.

  17. Hi there!
    Wonderful blog, I was planning to go to Bali by myself as a female. I was wondering if this was safe? I have been to Thailand before but met a lot of people to travel around with. I was more concerned about transportation to each place. Do taxis cost a lot of monies? And is there bicycles available to rent instead of motorbikes?
    Interested in getting touch with you! Thank you :)

    1. Hi Patty, hope your Bali planning is going well :) We have found Bali to be safe. Taxi’s are generally good value but if you plan on going to many places, the cost can add up. It really depends on where you plan on going. A taxi/driver between Ubud and Seminyak, for example, may be between 200.000-300.000 IDR or a short taxi, for instance, within Seminyak, less than 50.000 IDR. As an idea if you are concerned, if you are happy to pay more to see more, you could hire a private driver and make a day out of getting from a to b. With bicycles, some areas you can get bicycles some areas most likely not. What areas were you thinking of getting a bicycle? Hope this helps :)

  18. Hello Mandy & Chris, amazing blog by the way!
    I am turning 46 and will be traveling to Bali solo – first time traveling AND solo!
    I will be there from Dec. 21 to Jan.6th. I know I want to go to Ubud and Gilli T (maybe on new year’s eve?) but I have no clue how to fill the blanks.. and where to start. I love beaches, I want to snorkel, I am not a party anymore but I like to socialize.

    What are your suggestions?

    1. Hi Chantale,
      That’s exciting about your first time travelling! Hope you are not too anxious. How are you going with your itinerary? One thing with Gili T is out of the Gili Islands it is the ‘party’ island. Only advise is if you do stay here over NYE look into the reviews of your accommodation to make sure it is not in the thick of it, it can get quite loud in parts on a regular party night. You can definitely snorkel in the Gili’s and Ubud has the monkey forest for your monkey fix ;)

  19. First of all, your website is amazing and it is very handy for a first time traveller of Bali. You’ve done a great job!
    My partner and I are planning a 2-week trip to Bali (from end of March). It is Easter Holiday season and we expect there will be full of tourists in Bali. We would like to avoid the crowd and have a relaxing trip.
    I have some places in my mind, Seminyak, Ubud, Lambok, Gili Islands and Jimbaran, just not sure about the order and the itinerary of these places. Would you have any suggestions? Thank you.

    1. Hi Elaine, thanks so much that means a lot :) I just replied to your Lombok question too!
      We love all the places you mention. I would do Seminyak first and Jimbaran last, just as they are both not too far from the airport. From Seminyak, I’d go to Ubud, then Ubud to Padang Bai to get the boat to Gili Islands then onto Lombok mainland. Depending on where you go in Lombok, you could get the boat back to Serangan, and then go to Jimbaran. Otherwise, if you are close to Lombok airport, you can fly back to Bali then go to Jimbaran. Hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions :)

  20. I am really struggling with creating an itinerary for our 2 week trip to bali. I am hoping that you can help. My husband and I are both active individuals and really want to experience the culture. A few things that we are really interested in hiking mt batur, temple tour, seeing rice paddies, cooking class, bike tour, possible white water rafting. We will be arriving into bali evening of september 7th and departing on sept 21. I initially had us staying in seminyak to start but I am thinking I may want to go straight to UBUD (we are not much into the party scene). I am thinking of going to Sanur for the night or just transferring to Gili islands from Ubud. We are thinking of 2-3 days in Gili islands. I was thinking of stopping in Uluwatu or Jimbaran for 1-2 nights before Nusa Dua. We will be ending our trip in Nusa Dua from the 9/18-9/21.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I typically plan all our vacations myself but I am very overwhelmed with figuring out an itinerary for bali. Thanks again

  21. Hi Mandy and Chris,
    My friend and I will be staying in Bali for two weeks starting March 21st
    We will be staying in Seminyak for 3 nights at Artemis Villa and Hotel. Going to Lovina at Puri Bagus Lovina for 3 nights.
    Then to Ubud at the Komaneka at Rasa Sayang Ubud Hotel. again 3 nights.
    Can you tell me if there is any special places,shops, food that we should not miss? Also, can you recommend a driver. I have heard from websites that it is not a good idea to rent a scooter. We only have an american license. Do you think we would have any problem for a day or two?

    1. Hi Patricia!
      Your trip is so close! How exciting! Sounds like a fun trip.

      For Seminyak a couple of things:
      1. Head to the beach for sunset, or a beach club, anywhere on the beach, the atmosphere is great at sunset. (great places for sunset drinks in Seminyak).
      2. Have a great breakfast there are so many! (See our favourites!)
      3. What type/style of food do you like we can let you know better..

      For Ubud a couple of things:
      1. Do at least one walk here to see some of the nature and landscape of Ubud. (This will help you chose).
      2. Monkey Forest, just be careful of the monkeys!!
      3. Eat some great Indonesian Food. (See some of our Favourites)
      4. Both Tegenungan Waterfall and Tegalalang rice terraces (Touristy but still beautiful) are close by too.
      5. Kevala Ceramics is a great shop if you are passing by and like your plate, cups etc. they make a lot for the restaurants in Bali.
      6. get a Massage.
      7. this is the place for yoga if you like yoga. :)

      For more recommendations have a look at our Seminyak and Ubud ‘Field Guides’ which will help both before and during your time there. They are full of our favourite places to eat, things to do, shop, see and also a map that puts everything in perspective.

      We have used and love Bali Made drivers – (See one of our experiences here)

      With the renting scooters to get around, we generally say not to, the conditions will be different to home and accidents common. If you do intend on driving and have a motorcycle licence in America, get an International Licence. To us, its not worth the risk. Different police may react differently too. All this into account, taxis are cheap enough (Use Bluebird taxis) and Private drivers are affordable enough to go exploring.

      Bali is a beautiful place and you will have the best trip I am sure ;)
      Happy travels,
      Chris and Mandy

  22. I am planning my honeymoon in Bali and found website very informative and to the point. You have detailed Itineraries for 1 week and 2 week stay. But can you suggest me where I get good Indian food also.

  23. Hi there,

    My fiance and I will be honeymooning in Bali for 2 1/2 weeks in May. Bali has been my ultimate travel destination for years and I finally get to go! Your website is very informative. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately and by far, your website has the most information in a clearly organized manner. I appreciate all the work you’ve put into the website.

    We are big stand-up paddle boarders and are hoping to get some good paddle boarding time in. I know there are tons of beaches but am wondering if there are cool rivers/canyons to explore via paddle board?

    1. Hi Graciela,
      Thanks so much that means a lot :)
      So happy you’re making it to Bali, as for stand-up paddle boarding, I’ve never done this is Bali but we were going to do it on our last trip in Sanur (before I cut my head and couldn’t go in the water!). We were looking at “Bali stand up paddle”, so I think your best bet would be to contact them and ask about it. Hope you find the answers your looking for, wish I could be more help.
      Have an amazing honeymoon in Bali and let us know if you have any other questions :)

  24. Hi, I have really enjoyed reading your tips. My husband and I plan on being in Bali from the end of June until mid July taking in two to three weeks. I was thinking about flying into DPS then heading to Jimbaran to relax for a week, onto Ubud to get a little active for perhaps 4 days or so and then have a week in Seminyak. How easy is it to do this route (transport between each place) and what are your views on the time we are staying and therefore what we could manage to fit in while at each location?

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I think that sounds great, you could probably spit your time evenly between the three places. The route is very easy, starting and finishing not to far from the airport. It takes about 1.5 – 2 hours by taxi or private driver to get between Jimbaran – Ubud or Ubud – Seminyak.
      In Jimbaran you could have a seafood dinner on the beach, explore the beaches of the Bukit peninsular like Padang Padang and Bingin Beach, or spend the day at a beach club like Finns Beach Club. You could also check out the traditional market and seafood market.
      In Ubud, you can have massages, shop, eat, do some walks through the rice terraces, and if you’re up for more adventure, white water rafting or trekking Mount Batur.
      In Seminyak, there are lots of restaurants, beach bars, spas and shops to fill your time.

      Hope you have a great trip :)

  25. HI Mandy and Chris

    I am going to Bali next weekend for 8 days and I was wondering if going to Ubud for 4 days is too much or is 3 days enough? Also I never saw in your itinerary about going to Lombok or the Gili Islands? Are those worth it to go?

  26. Hi! Love your site and tips. Hubby, 3.5yr old son and I are heading to Bali in Dec for 8days. We are in Holiday Inn Benoa for 5days, Ubud for 3 days then fly off – would have pref the other way around but accom didn’t work out. Do you have trusted contacts for driver? We ar not good at negotiating anything soI know we will get taken advantage of :) For itinerary, I was keen to do the activities you suggested in your two week Itinerary – but a snappy version of it. Is it possible? Seminyak, Uluwatu,Jimbaran,Kuta in 5 days then relax in Ubud for 3 days? thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Jaya! We have used Bali Made Tours for a private driver and have found them to be good. Usually they will have set rates for half day or full day trips advertised on their website, and it will only differ if you don’t start/finish where they state on their site, or if you go over the time frame.
      As you will be based in Tanjung Benoa/Nusa Dua for 5 days, you can easily get to Seminyak, Kuta, Uluwatu and Jimbaran from there. Depending what you want to do, Kuta and Seminyak could be done on same day as they are close to each other, and Uluwatu/Jimbaran too. But you could also split them up and do them on seperate days too. Pandawa beach is not too far from where you are staying (in a taxi), it’s a nice one to check out.

      Have a great time in Bali :)

  27. I am planning my honeymoon in Bali and found website very informative and to the point. You have detailed Itineraries for 1 week and 2 week stay. But can you suggest me very briefly for 10 day trip to Bali.


    1. Hi Amit, it really does depend on what you want to see/do, but for honeymoons, a popular area is Uluwatu/Jimbaran, with some beautiful resorts and beautiful beaches. If you want to have a relaxing trip, you could spend half your time there, and half elsewhere, say Ubud or Seminyak. If you want to see a bit more, you could do three places, but I wouldn’t do more than this in 10 days.
      Let me know if you have any other questions and have a wonderful honeymoon :)

  28. Hi this website is great. We are travelling to nusa Dua on honeymoon and are staying for 10 nights. I want to experience Balinese culture but we are based in our hotel for the entire holiday. Can you suggest the best day trips and best way of getting places.
    Much appreciated

    1. Hi Anna, hope the wedding/honeymoon planning’s going well!

      Although Nusa Dua isn’t full of Balinese Culture, it can still be a great base to get these experiences. Having said that, whilst in Nusa Dua, some of the best Balinese food in Bali can be found at Bumbu Bali restaurant just down the road in Tanjung Benoa.

      You should be able to easily get to Uluwatu to see the Uluwatu temple and Kecak Fire dance via taxi or private driver. You could stop at Jimbaran beach for a seafood dinner after.

      Although not culture, some of the best beaches in Bali are found near Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Uluwatu.

      Ubud is known as the cultural heart of Bali, however, as a day trip sometimes it feels like it’s just full of tourists. If you can, we would recommend staying at least one night. If not, it’s still worth the day trip for the food, rice terraces, art galleries, markets and monkey forrest.

      In terms of getting around, taxi’s will take you to most of these places listed, but if you want to stop off at different places a private driver would be the way to go. Both options are fairly priced.

      Enjoy your trip and let us know if you have any other questions :)

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