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Three Week Bali Itinerary: Time To Explore

Three Week Bali Itinerary

A three week Bali itinerary gives you enough time to explore a bit more of Bali! Want to relax by the beach, find yourself in the rice paddies or go off the beaten track? Well, you can do it all in three weeks. Bali has so many sides it’s really difficult to experience it all in one week. In our three week Bali itinerary, we suggest going to 3 or 4 different regions. You even have time to combine your Bali Holiday with a trip to Lombok, Bali’s idyllic neighbour.

Three Week Bali Itinerary

We have set this one out a bit differently to our other itineraries. As this is three weeks, we will list some places we think you just might love and how long is a good amount of time to spend in each. This way you can mix and match depending on how you want to spend your Bali holiday.

Seminyak or Jimbaran: Beach Break in Central Location

Seminyak Beach

Ok, so Seminyak and Jimbaran are in a similar region so it’s probably best to pick one out of these two. They are both by the beach and in a fairly central location in Bali. Seminyak wins in that it is closer to hives of activity and endless places to eat. whilst Jimbaran wins for its proximity to some of Bali’s best beaches and has a more local feel than Seminyak.

Seminyak is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Bali, along with its neighbours Legian and Kuta. It’s great if you want to walk out your door and go shopping, get a massage, eat at many restaurants, go to the beach or have a sunset drink at a beach bar. On the other hand, it’s not the nicest beach in Bali (but it’s still nice), you won’t come across many rice paddies and the area is driven by tourism.

Jimbaran is one of my favourite places in Bali. It’s often seen as a place that has 5-star resorts and not much else. Some people view it as extremely touristy because of the seafood dinners on the beach (which predominantly only tourists go to).

But when I go there I experience beautiful beaches. Beautiful accommodation often built with Balinese traditions and culture in mind. Amazing seafood dinners where I can relax with my feet in the sand and my hands in my food. And if you walk outside of your hotel… there isn’t much there to do. Not too many tourists. Not 100 shops or 100 different spas. But an actual real local community. Fresh Food markets the locals run and use. Seafood markets where you can see fisherman at work.

Jimbaran is great if you’re happy to relax and have some downtime and you’re interested in seeing a real local community, great food, great accommodation and great beaches.

How long should I spend here?

If you are planning a three week Bali itinerary, you could easily spend one week in Seminyak or Jimbaran. I would spend at least 4 days. See our Seminyak Accommodation Guide and our Jimbaran Accommodation Guide.

Ubud or Surrounding Areas: Culture and Tranquility

Ubud Rice Terraces

So really you can do both Ubud and the surrounding areas (as coincidentally they are both close to each other). But I guess your choice is whether or not to stay in Ubud Village or stay in the more remote surrounding areas. Either way, you should definitely explore both Ubud Village and surrounding areas as both have their advantages.

Ubud village is vibrant and full of life. If you are expecting peace, quiet and bicycles…think again. But we love Ubud village. It has this Narnia’s closet vibe about it…One minute you’re walking along traffic filled streets, then you see a sign for a spa, take the side path and all of a sudden it opens up to beautiful greenery and sounds of rivers.

The same can be said for some of the hotels in the village. They might be on a main road but most are set back and surrounded by the natural beauties of Bali.

The advantages of staying in Ubud village are obviously you can walk everywhere, with many restaurants, spa’s, art galleries and shops at the ready. You also avoid the traffic on the streets as you have no need for transport. Some of the disadvantages are unless you really explore the outskirts of the village or go on a tour, you won’t get to discover the overwhelming beauty of Bali.

A lot of the 4 and 5-star hotels are actually situated outside of Ubud itself in the surrounding areas. Advantages of this include being able to see the beauty of Balinese countryside, being in a remote peaceful area and truly being able to relax and unwind. Here you will be able to escape the tourists (except for the ones at your hotel) and explore parts of Bali that are off the beaten track. But remember to actually go out of your hotel if you want to experience the local communities.

How long should I spend here?

I would spend 4 days at a minimum in Ubud. Depending on what you want out of your Bali Holiday, you could easily spend a week here. See our Ubud Accommodation Guide.

Padang Bai/Candidasa/Amed or Singaraja/Lovina/Menjangan Island

Candidasa East Bali

Padang Bai, Candidasa and Amed are all on the East coast of Bali. They are much less touristy and a little of the beaten track. This area has great diving and snorkelling, with spots scattered along the coastline. It also has a variety of beaches, including pebble beaches, black sand beaches and some beautiful white sand beaches. You can also visit traditional Balinese villages, go hiking in the mountains, bike riding amongst the rice paddies and see Balinese water palaces, to name a few. See some of the best things to do in Candidasa.

Singaraja, Lovina and Menjangan Island are located on Bali’s North coast. Snorkelling, diving, dolphin trips, hot springs, temples, waterfalls and West Bali National Park are amongst the attractions and things to do in this region. This area can still be quite busy in peak season’s but is much quieter than the Kuta, Legian, Seminyak regions. Great for all travellers but particularly popular with families.

How long should I spend here?

Depends if you explore the regions mentioned or just go to one spot within them. If you go to one spot (which I wouldn’t suggest) then 2 – 3 days would be fine. If you explore the region, 3 – 7 days would be best, depending on what interests you. See our where to stay in East Bali in our East Bali Accommodation Guide article.

More Options for your Three Week Bali Itinerary…

Of course there are also many other places in Bali to explore, especially in a three week Bali Itinerary, but we chose the ones above due to personal favourites and to give you a wide view of Bali. Some other places you could go include:

  • Nusa Lembongan (a small island off the south-east coast of Bali, great for diving, snorkelling and relaxing)
  • Canggu (Next to Seminyak but still with some beautiful rice fields if you look for them. Canggu is popular amongst surfers and full of great food. See where to stay in Canggu.
  • Sanur (a beachside town on the east coast of Bali, great for water activities and popular with families. Some nice places to stay in Sanur too.)
  • Nusa Dua (a sectioned off area on the south-east coast of Bali, with flat beaches and big, beautiful resorts, popular for its security but lacking Balinese culture)
  • Tanjung Benoa (close to Nusa Dua, great for watersports)
  • Uluwatu (South of Jimbaran, famous for its beautiful surfing beaches, Uluwatu Temple and some of the most stunning resorts in Bali, best for couples, families and surfers)
  • Sidemen (Full of nature. Come here for peace, quiet and treks through the rice fields and crops.)

What about Lombok?

Gili Trawangan Beach

If you planning a three week Bali itinerary, then why not spend part of it in Lombok?

Lombok is Bali’s neighbouring island. It is much less developed and has bucket loads of natural beauty. The mainland is peaceful with coastal towns and Mt Rinjani the main attractions. Lombok is also home to the Gili Islands, three islands off the north-east coast of Lombok. The Gili Islands are very popular with tourists, for their pristine beaches, diving schools and sites, and nightlife.

Need some more help deciding on your Three Week Bali Itinerary

We try to put as much information on the blog to help you plan your trip, but if you need a hand or want to save time, then we have our Bali Trip Planning Email Support to help you.

If you want to arrive and know exactly where to eat and what to do without doing the research, our ‘Field Guides’ might be perfect for you. These are filled will all our favourite picks. If you want some great tips for your first Bali trip then our ‘Beginners Guide To Bali’ may be for you.

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If you have been to Bali and want to share your three week Bali Itinerary, or if you are planning on going and have any questions, just leave us a comment below…


  1. Hi! What a great webpage! We are going to spend 15nights in Bali and would love to hear your opinion about our planned route – Jimbaran (2)- Ubud (5) – Gili (2) -Nusa P (1) – Uluwatu (3) – Canggu (2) and then fly back home :) is it worth staying both in Uluwatu and Canggu? Or would you extend one of the other stays? Thanks!

    1. Hi! All the places you have here are great. Spending only 3 nights between Gili and Nusa P will be a lot of travel for not much relaxing in those places. It may be best to either only do Gilis or Nusa P, or find more nights in the itinerary to add to the islands. As for whether it is worth staying both in Uluwatu and Canggu, I would say they are both very different destinations and both worth staying in if you choose to. Bali has so many amazing places to visit and stay it can be so hard choosing where to visit and where to miss. What ever you decide I am sure you will love, just try not to move around too quickly. Have a great trip :)

  2. hi Mandy and Chris,
    I am so glad you’ve posted these useful information! Me and my boyfriend love beach, outdoor, nature stuffs! We have 12 days to explore and could you give me some advice please? We are thinking about visiting Canggu (possibly 2 days and will be the first stop), Ubud, Uluwatu, Nusa Penida, Gili islands (which one should i go?), and maybe Lombok as well. We don’t mind travelling but do you reckon this is a bit too much? Also, how should the route be? Thank you so much!:)

    1. Hi Windy, all the places you are thinking of are amazing. If you do all these places it would be a very fast paced trip, doable but perhaps a little too much. The boats to Lombok and Gili’s etc can take longer than planned and if the seas are rough then it can be quite draining. If it is your first trip to Bali then perhaps leave the Gili’s and Lombok for another time, depending on what you plan to do there. Gili’s and Lombok are beautiful places and if you do decide you want to fit them in Gili Air is our favourite. (Gili Trawangan is busier and more parties if thats what you are after, and Gili Meno is quieter and less developed and Gili Air is a mix, not too busy but plenty of food choice etc.) Canggu is a great first stop :) Are you planning on doing Nusa Penida as a day trip or staying on Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan?

      A couple of ideas for routes:
      Canggu—> Nusa L (Nusa P) —> Gili’s —> Ubud —> Uluwatu
      Canggu—> Nusa L (Nusa P) —> Ubud —> Uluwatu

  3. Hi Mandy + Chris! I would love your advice on Lombock and surrounding islands. We’re going to be on on honeymoon and we don’t want to move around too much. Currently we have (coming from Bali): Gili Air (3 nights), Lombock (5-6 nights) and hopefully time to explore via day trip to Gili Gede. If we extend our stay 6-7 days on Lombock – and just do day trips to Gili Air, Gili Meno – would that we enough to experience? Or would you recommend the original thought and stay a few nights on Gili? Much appreciated – thank you :)

  4. Hi Mandy and Chris,

    I just came across your website 2 days ago and couldn’t stop myself. So many valuable information. I could be wrong but I don’t seem to find many people talking about Senggigi here. Is it not worth to visit?

    My girlfriend and I are visiting Bali in June for 3 weeks and currently our itinerary is as follow. Please let us know if it doesn’t make sense:

    Arrive to DPS Airport at 6:30pm then go straight to Ubud and stay in Ubud center for 5 nights, spend 3 nights in Senggigi, 3 nights in Gili AIr, 4 nights in Nusa Penida, 5 nights in Seminyak, then take a flight back home.

    We love to hear from you. Any suggestions or feedbacks are highly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Even, Depending on how you planned on getting from a – b and what boat company you go with, another option is Ubud – Gili Air – Senggigi – Nusa Penida – Seminyak. With Senggigi, there are better Lombok beaches but it is still nice. There’s not a lot to do there, but it can also be a good base to explore other areas of Lombok. (Generally, the beach areas that are part of hotels are much cleaner.) Have a great 3 weeks!

  5. Good Afternoon Mandy and Chris,

    Myself and my girlfriend are travelling to Bali in May and we will have 20 full days there to explore the island. This is our first time ‘travelling’ around an island fro the usual one spot one hotel kind of holiday and my girlfriend isn’t very keen on lots of journeys between parts and ‘wasting’ half days here and there travelling from one part of the island to the other.

    We would love our trip to involve, relaxation, nice resorts, nice beaches, excursions, culture and ease of travelling.

    As such we were thinking about including Seminyak/Jimbaran, Ubud, Uluwata, Gili Islands/Lombok.

    Would you kindly be able to advise based on the above locations the best starting point and route you would recommend, based on the minimal journey time between places?

    Of note we are flying to and from Bali.

    1. Hi James how exciting 20 days is amazing :) All the locations are great. I would say I would try and avoid finishing your trip in Gili Islands/Lombok. I say this just in case your boat back to Bali is delayed and risk missing your flight home. If you have already booked, it is absolutely fine and I would not worry, you will be fine. Seminyak and Jimbaran are quite different. Seminyak has much more in terms of restaurants, bars, shops and people, whilst Jimbaran has a more relaxed, local feel (local traditional market and seafood market) about it. It does attract a crowd for sunset dinner on the beach, which we would recommend even if you choose Seminyak. There are nice resorts in both areas. If you haven’t already, you can see our favourite accommodation picks for both areas:
      If you would like, here are our favourites for Ubud and Uluwatu also.

      A couple of options based on your plan.
      Seminyak/Jimbaran > Ubud > Gili/Lombok > Uluwatu
      Uluwatu > Gili/Lombok > Ubud > Seminyak/Jimbaran

      If you’re after ease of travel, you may find getting to the Gili’s/Lombok a bit of an effort. It’s about a 2.5 hour boat ride, and may be more tiring than a car trip. You also need to get to the port too, so keep that in mind. Totally do-able, but just thought I’d mention it as you mentioned you didn’t want to have long travel days. Another option instead of the Gili’s/Lombok, is Nusa Lembongan which is about 30 minutes by boat from Sanur. They are both very different, so it’s completely a personal choice. Wishing you and your girlfriend an amazing trip :)

  6. Hey I am planning a 3 week trip to bali for our honeymoon! A bit confused with what all to fit in and how to go about getting to different places! I want to relax and also see some of the culture I was thinking 3 nights seminyak 4 days ubud 2 days gili t then spend some time in lombok and kuta? Any help with an itinerary would be awesome?!

    1. Hi Kell and Phil
      Hope your honeymoon planning is going well!
      Considering you have 3 weeks i would say if you want to visit Gili’s and Lombok maybe spend a week between a couple of different places, as the boat trips tend to be more tiring for us than a car trip, so if in doubt add an extra day(s) onto the islands or Lombok. And by Kuta are you referring to Kuta (Bali ) or Kuta (Lombok)? What places did you have in mind for the last week?
      Getting around Bali is generally by Car (Bluebird Taxi, Private Drivers or Uber) or motorbike. Getting from a to b is all easy to organise whilst in Bali but if you want to make a day of it and go exploring a bit more, think about booking in a private driver in advance (see this article)
      Between Bali and Lombok you can fly or get a boat, and between Lombok and Gili Islands you will get a boat. You can also get a boat to and from the Gili Islands from Bali. Unless you are flying home from Lombok, I would stick to Gili and Lombok being in the middle of the 3weeks so you don’t need to worry if your boat is delayed getting back to Bali when you’re trying to make a flight. Wishing you both an amazing time!

  7. Hi, me and my friend are planning our trip to Bali from May 3-29. We want to go to Ubud (3-6th) then to Candidasa for 1 days and go up to Ababi to see Tirta Gangga then 1 day in Padang bar to relax before heading to Gili T (4 days) and Gili A (1 day) we also want to check out Nusa Penida so this is where we are confused, we are thinking of going back to Padang for 1 night then to Nusa Penida for 2 days then we don’t know if we go back to Sanur or Padang because from there we want to go to Canggu for 3 days then Seminyak for 3 days then to Kuta for 4 days then Uluwatu for 2 and then ending in Jimbaran for 2 days. Overall, does this sound good? We were really hoping to go to Lovina but we are fine with what we set up so far.

    1. Hi Katee
      You have picked some really great places :) Overall looks great but a couple of suggestions:

      1. perhaps pick Candidasa or Padang Bai, and spend both nights there. You can see Tirta Gangga from either.
      2. I would look at going straight from Gili’s (either Air or T) to Nusa Lembongan and then a private boat to Penida.
      3. I would pick getting the boat to Sanur to get to Canggu.
      4. I would suggest not staying in Kuta and spend the extra 4 days to spend longer in each of the other places. You can always visit Kuta easily from Seminyak.
      5. I agree, adding Lovina would be a bit much! You are already visiting some amazing places.

      I hope this helps and wishing you and your friend an incredible trip :)

  8. Hi, Im planning a trip to bali fro 3 and a half weeks in july. This is my plans so far: 5 nights in seminyak, 3 nights in canggu, 5 nights in ubud, 5 nights in candidosa, 3 nights in gili gili t,
    2 nights gili air and not really sure after that as we still have 5 days. Maybe lombok for a few days? What would you suggest? And does this sound good so far. Also do we book transport between these places before we go? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Grace, Sounds like a great itinerary :) Lombok is a good choice if that’s what you pick. Depends how you spend the rest of your days and if you want days to relax or always want to be exploring. With 5 days you can make anywhere work! If you choose Lombok and need to fly home from Bali you could get a flight from Lombok or get a boat. Either way, I would make sure you have plenty of time to make your flight, or stay a night or two back in Bali somewhere close to the airport (Jimbaran is a great pre-flight last night destination). With transport, we generally book boats (eg to Gili’s) and organise other transport when there. We do however like to book a private driver in Advance (we like Bali Made) if we want to spend the day exploring or Between leaving one destination and arriving at another want to stop a couple of times (For example see Tanah Lot on your way from Canggu to Ubud and just leave our luggage in the car.) Have a great trip!

  9. Hi Mandy and Chris, my husband and I are leaving for Bali from South Africa on the 28th of Feb. We will be there for 15 days. I was planning 3 days in Seminyak from there 2 days on Nusa Lembongan, 3 nights on Gili T, 3 nights Ubud and ending it off with 3 nights in Uluwatu. Am I trying to cram in too many things? Also, could you recommend a hotel in Seminyak area that is walking distance to most things but not too expensive and the same for Ubud and Uluwatu, also would you rather recommend staying in Canggu as opposed to seminyak? And do you think the route we are doing makes sense financially?

    1. Hi Susan,
      As long as you’re happy to be moving around a bit then your itinerary is great. If you want more of a relaxing holiday, then maybe take a place out and spread the remaining nights.
      Courtyard by Marriott Seminyak is a nice hotel not too far from the beach. U Paasha is another nice hotel on the main shopping/eating street in Seminyak, but a bit further from the beach.
      For Ubud, the two main choices are staying in the village or staying the surrounding tranquil areas. If you stay in the village, then most hotels will be walking distance to most things. If you stay in the outskirts, Alila Ubud is not too far and they provide free shuttle into Ubud Village.
      For Uluwatu, it is a fairly spread place. The most central area to stay would be near Padang Padang beach on Jalan Labuan Sait.
      Canggu and Seminyak are quite different. In Seminyak, it is fairly busy, there are many shops, restaurants and bars, and of course the beach. It is easy to walk or get a taxi to get around. In Canggu, there are some great restaurants and bars, but it is all much more spread out. You can get around by bicycles well, and mopeds are popular, as well as the local transport service. The beach in Canggu is probably better suited to surfing. Canggu is more tranquil in parts (even has some rice fields accessible). So the two really offer completely different experiences. Wishing you a great trip! For all of our hotel picks see our accomodation guides:

  10. Hello again,

    One more question :)
    Since I dont know how many nights I am each place, is it safe to not book hotel in advance and just show up to a hotel or be guided by locals?

    Thank you so much for reply.

    1. Hi Again ;)
      I would say if you wanted to still have some flexibility, look at booking some places with free cancellation. If you find one with free cancellation up until the night before you can still have some freedom but also know you have a bed to sleep in a good area and at a good rate. Try we find they have a lot of places with good cancellation policies :)

  11. Hello,
    and thank you so much for your informative webpage!

    i am a 25 year old girl travelling solo for the first time to Bali in February.
    I am staying 3 weeks on medium budget.

    I think to stay only 1 night in Kuta as it is near air port and Kuta does not sound like its something for me.

    i am not so much interested in night life, but i love beautiful beaches, rice fields, nature, palm trees, temples and explore .

    I am having a little issues planning where to go first.

    I want to explore Ubud Village, Gili (the quiet one), Nuda Penida, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua.

    In Ubud i want to visit sacred monkey forest, go on market, see Tegalaland waterfall, see rice fileds. What else do you recommend doing here, and how many days would you stay?

    In Nusa Penida I want to relax and enjoy the wonderful nature and visit Atuh beach, but im not sure what else to do here except see the popular cliff. Any advice?

    In Uluwatu I want to see the Uluwatu temple, visit Suluban- and Melasti beach, visit Tanah temple.

    Is the black sand beach, Amed, close to Uluwatu?

    I am also thinking about Nusa Dua and see Gunung Payung Beach.

    WHere would you travel first? What is the smartest route if i want to visit all these places for less time?

    Since I have never travelled before, how do you think my planning sounds like?

    1. Hi Elisabeth,
      So excited for your upcoming trip! You will love the nature, culture and beaches in Bali!
      Your planning sounds pretty good actually, not too many places for 3weeks :) If those are the places in mind, this is how we would break it down… only a guide for the route etc. Kuta (1), Ubud (6), Gili (4), Nusa Dua (4), Nusa Penida (2), Uluwatu (4). This may also depend on which Gili Island you choose and the boat company you choose.
      If you are after some more things to do in Ubud, try the Campuhan Ridge walk. If you need some more inspiration see our article:
      With Nusa Penida, Its all about the nature and taking it slow. There are other beaches you could see. And the same could be said for Nusa Lembongan. Its a much more relaxed vibe to Bali mainland. If you are wanting to do Tanah lot, consider hiring a private driver, and stopping off on the journey to Ubud, It is not a quick trip to Tanah Lot from Uluwatu.You can visit Melasti beach from either Nusa Dua or Uluwatu, they are both similar distances. Uluwatu is almost as far away from Amed as you can get, I would not recommend a day trip from Uluwatu to Amed.
      Hope you have an incredible trip exploring Bali!

  12. Hi my boyfriend and I are planning to go to Bali for 3 weeks next June, my initial thoughts are Seminyak/Jimbaran for 4 days, Ubud for 4 days, then padang bai for 1 night before catching the boat to Gili T for 3 days, then Gili A for 3 days, Kuta, Lombok for 4 days then flying back to bali and spending a night near the airport before flying home or even flying to bali then straight home and spending an extra day on Lombok.

    What do you think of this, any improvements or advice would be appreciated, are we aiming for too many places? Ideally, we want to see as much as possible, experience the culture, do some water sports and relax on the beaches.


    1. Hi Fi a 3week trip sounds great! I don’t think you’re doing too much because most places you’re staying 4 nights which is great. There is not a lot to do in Padang Bai but you can go to blue lagoon beach for snorkelling or Bias Tugual beach, so one night is great. If you’re flights work out you could definitely fly to Bali then straight home, but if you have a long wait in between flights it might be better to spend the night near the airport. Kuta or Jimbaran are both pretty close, Jimbaran would be our pick of the two, but for one night either would be good. Have a great trip, it sounds like you’ve planned it perfectly :)

  13. Wow, thanks for replying. I have left questions on other forums and never had a response. i really think i have been over researching LOL. I was planning on spending 2 days in seminyak to start and maybe jump to padang bai,lombok. I was thinking that Ubud should be my home base for about 2 weeks and day trip it from there. i have also booked 5 days at the bali eco stay (can’t wait). I guess I am wondering if you have any “must sees” and/or “things to miss”? Thanks again.

  14. Glad i found your blog…i am planning my first solo trip this April/May for 4 weeks and i am so overwhelmed with where to go…so any suggestions help. Thanks

    1. Hi Shayla
      Hope your planning is going well, have you already got some places or things you want to do in mind? I always love to suggest Ubud as one part of a first trip as it offers a great mix of food, culture and nature as well as the option to be more adventurous from here if you choose to. if you still need some help deciding where to go let us know :)

  15. Hi Mandy and Chris,

    We are planning 3 weeks in Bali next year with our 3 children and we are hesitating between changing location every week or settle in Ubud and travel from there.
    What would be your recommendation? Would you say having a central point allows you to easily see the rest of the island?

    1. Hi Emmanuelle
      I can see a benefit in both. Ubud is great but depends on what you will be wanting to see/do on your trip it can add a lot of driving if you want to see a lot from Ubud. Maybe pick 2 places so you still get a mix of place but not moving each week. Hope your planning is going well and you have a great family trip :) let us know if you have any other questions!

  16. Hi Mandy and Chris,

    I just came across your amazing blog and am absolutely thrilled. What a great resource, thanks so much! My husband and I are planning a 3 week trip sometime next year and will definitely be following your tips on this Itinerary. In your opinion what would be the ideal time of year to visit? Many thanks ~Elishia :)

    1. Hi Elishia, thanks so much, that means a lot :) If it’s your first time to Bali, your best bet would be the dry season (May – September), although I love Bali all year round. It will be nice warm weather all year, the main difference being rainfall. But if you can’t make it to Bali during those months, I wouldn’t hesitate to go in the wet season. I’ve been to Bali in the wet season many times and have loved each trip. It doesn’t usually rain all day, but more intense short downpours, so you can still get out and do things. Hope this helps and have a fantastic time in Bali :)

  17. How did you find travelling between these places? Everything I’ve read so far has stated that it is super expensive. What were your experiences? Thanks!

  18. what a great blog, I have travelled a lot, but will be making my first trip to Bali in Sept….3 weeks. Do you recommend booking accommodation in advance or not? I’ll be travelling solo w a mid range budget. Thanks for your recommendations to help narrow down where to visit.

    1. Hi Drew, although it’s not peak season in September, it’s just on the tail end so it might be easier to book in advance.

      It really depends on which areas you want to stay in and for how long. Some booking sites also allow for free cancellation if you wanted that flexibility.

      I guess in the end it’s personal, if you would rather the freedom and take your chances or the security and book in advance.

      Let us know if you have any more questions!

    2. I’m also travelling for 3 weeks on my own in Sepetember. My proposed route at the moment is – 2 nights echo beach for surf, 2 nights Canggu, 5 nights UBud for yoga and then I’m keeping the rest free so I can decide when I’m there. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Tom,
      I had to translate your comment as I unfortunately don’t speak much french… but hopefully one day :) This is what google tells me your comment says:

      “Lombok is good, not too much pollution and not much human disturbance”

      I agree! Lombok is beautiful and remote, and it really feels like you are discovering something that’s fairly untouched.

      And in french (according to google):

      Je suis d’accord! Lombok est magnifique et à distance , et il se sent vraiment comme vous découvrez quelque chose qui est assez intacte

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