Things To Consider When Planning Your Bali Itinerary

Planning Your Bali Itinerary

There are so many things to consider when planning your Bali Itinerary. Here we suggest places to visit for people with different interests, things to do and timeframes to do them in. Use this as a guide only, or mix and match from different itineraries to make it fit for you.

How Long Should My Bali Holiday Be?

Bali is a great place for a holiday, whether it be a short break, a week or two..or three! It is very common, particularly for Australian travellers, to come here every year. It’s as if somethings in the water (the bottled water that is), once they get a taste for it, they just can’t stay away. That, and it’s so close to Australia (well, compared to everything else) and great flight sales are available, making a Bali Holiday sometimes less expensive then travelling from Australia.

So if going to Bali for the first time, I would recommend no less than a week.

If you’ve already been to Bali before, and the flight isn’t too long, then you could easily come here for 5 days. But if you can stay at least a week, I would recommend this.

If you are going to Bali from Europe, USA or other locations where the flight will be long, then I would stay at least 2 weeks.

Different Interests, Different Bali

Ok, so there is only one Bali. But Bali really varies so much that different areas of Bali can cater for people with completely different interests. This is partly what makes Bali a great Holiday destination; not only can you please most people with something in Bali, but if you venture to a couple of different places (recommended) you can get such a variety of experiences. That’s why we have included Bali Itineraries for different interests…just scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the links.

Main Places of Interest

Here we will give you a brief overview of the different destinations within Bali, so you can get a feel for what might interest you. For more detailed info on each destination, see our Bali Travel Guide.

Kuta and Legian

  • Kuta is probably Bali’s most well known destination, and Legian is it’s neighbour
  • Very ‘Touristy’ and busy
  • Best for shopping (shopping mall, markets), low – mid range bars and nightclubs
  • Good to experience Kuta even just for an hour




  • Ubud is in the centre of Bali, seen as the cultural heart of Bali
  • Known for it’s healthy cafes, yoga, beautiful waterfalls and nature
  • See our Ubud Field Guide here


  • Jimbaran is south of Kuta, near the Bukit Peninsula
  • Best for beaches, seafood dinner, local seafood and fresh food markets

Nusa Dua

  • Nusa Dua is on the south eastern side of Bali
  • Best for calm beaches, safety, resorts


  • Uluwatu is south of Jimbaran on the Bukit Peninsula
  • Best for surfing beaches, Uluwatu Temple, stunning hotels on cliff faces


  • Sanur is the oldest resort town in Bali
  • Located on Bali’s south east coast
  • Best for beaches, water sports, laid back town

East Coast of Bali

  • Think Candidasa, Padang Bai, Amed
  • Best for getting away from the crowds, relaxation, beaches, diving

North Coast of Bali

  • Think Singaraja and Lovina
  • Best for Singaraja old town, black sand beach, dolphin watching, West Bali National Park

Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida

  • Small island off south east coast of Bali
  • Best for slow pace, relaxing, diving, surfing, snorkelling.

Bali Itinerary Options

Here we have different Bali Itinerary Options, for different lengths of stay and different interests. Click on the links below for Itineraries that are of interest to you.

One Week Bali Itinerary

Two Week Bali Itinerary

Three Week Bali Itinerary

One Month In Bali

Bali Travel Planning

We try to put as much information on the blog to help you plan your trip, but if you need a hand or want to save time, then we have our Bali Trip Planning Email Support to help you.

Bali Packing List

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