The Ultimate Guide To Bali Accommodation

Bali Accommodation

Bali Accommodation

Bali Accommodation could be anything from a private villa to a 5 star resort to a bungalow in the rice fields. It really has some of the most diverse accommodation options available. We have stayed in a bit of everything, from $20 a night hotels (surprisingly clean, well located and felt secure) to 5 star sprawling resorts to boutique hotels and villas to huts across from the beach, and 4 star hotels with everything you could need. So we created this guide to help you find and book the best accommodation for your Bali holiday.

What Area To Stay In Bali?
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What Area To Stay In Bali?

There are many areas in Bali to stay, and they can be very different to each other. They all have their pro’s and con’s depending on what you are wanting to get out of your Bali holiday.

Kuta, Legian & Seminyak

Kuta is probably the most touristy place in Bali. It is filled with shops and markets, bars and clubs. Whilst I think it’s worth a look, I wouldn’t recommend staying here unless this is the area you want to spend your time, or unless your after cheap accommodation (but you don’t really need to be in Kuta to get cheap accommodation in Bali).

Legian is slightly less full on than Kuta, but my pick for this area would be Seminyak. It’s known as the more ‘trendy’ area, with more boutique style shops, trendy bars and a wide range of dining options from local warungs to world renowned restaurants. If you want to be close to this area, but a little more remote, I would suggest Canggu (about 20 minutes drive from Seminyak) or Umalas (about 10 minutes drive from Seminyak).

See our Seminyak Accommodation Guide Here


Jimbaran can get a bad wrap for having luxury resorts on a beach and not much else. But we think that’s a huge misconception. We have stayed in Jimbaran a lot. The beaches are cleaner/nicer than Kuta/Legian/Seminyak area, there is a variety of accommodation options, although not as many as Seminyak. And you can walk out of your hotel and still feel like your in Bali with local shops, local produce markets and local fish markets right there. And the streets are in no way crowded with tourists. It’s great for seafood dinners on the beach, and for day trips to Uluwatu or even Seminyak. Sure the streets aren’t buzzing with things to do, but I get a much more local feel here, and find it a nice place to relax.

See our Jimbaran Accommodation Guide Here.


Popular for surfing, this area has great beaches (not all for swimming), stunning views and is remote whilst still having some quality facilities (mainly within hotels) in the area (e.g. Finns Beach Club). Uluwatu is home to some of Bali’s most luxurious accommodation, whilst also having a few home stay and more basic/relaxed options.

Ubud and Surrounds

Ubud itself is pretty filled with tourists, traffic, shops and restaurants. Oh and yoga facilities. The village itself gets a bad wrap for being too touristy, but for a first time visit, I think it’s great to stay in or near the village itself. After all, you are going to want to have a look, eat at the restaurants, check out the local markets etc. But for a second visit, I’d definitely stay on the outskirts, spend some time relaxing and walking around the natural beauty of this part of Bali. And you could still get a taxi into the village easily.

See our Ubud Accommodation Guide here

Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa

Nusa Dua is known to be the luxury hotel bubble of Bali. Although it’s lacking the culture you would find elsewhere, the area itself is probably one of the safest with it’s security checkpoints, so this might be appealing to families. If you did decide to stay here, I would make sure it is combined with a stay elsewhere in Bali, to experience what Bali is really all about. Or, make sure you get a taxi and get out and about a lot.

Tanjung Benoa is Nusa Dua’s neighbour. It has varying types of accommodation, great for water sport activities and has more local shops and restaurants than you would find in Nusa Dua.


One of the oldest resort towns in Bali, Sanur is much quieter than Seminyak/Kuta, and with a more local feel. Great area for families or for a more relaxing trip. Accommodation can range from budget to resorts, but there are less uber luxurious options here.


Situated in Northern Bali, this area is relaxed and laid-back, a place to slow down and have lazy days. The accommodation is more affordable here but also more simplistic.

Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is an island off Bali, that is full of natural beauty, less tourists, beautiful waters and a much more peaceful and relaxing side to Bali. Accommodation here varies from beach huts to amazing villas.

Off the Beaten Track

It’s definitely worthwhile staying somewhere off the beaten track, even just for a night or two. Often, this is where you will find the real beauty in Bali. Places like Sideman, Munduk, Nusa Ceningan, and even venturing over to Lombok (not part of Bali but it’s own Island).

How To Get Value For Money

Here are a couple of ways to get value for money with your Bali accommodation.

1. Sign up to travel website newsletters to keep up to date with deals.

2. Earn Miles for your stay by choosing Frequent Flyer Program partners. Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines are two airlines we love to use, and they both have partnerships with Agoda to earn miles when you book. They also have other hotel partners where you can earn points when you stay.

3. Use miles for your stay. If you have the miles and it looks to be a good deal, they are there to use. Make sure you work out the value and compare it to if you were to use your points for flights, as often flights can be more value when redeeming points.

4. Comparing prices on Hotels Combined. Hotels Combined compares hotel prices on different booking websites, so you can find the best deal.

5. If you are thinking about using Airbnb, you can sign up here to receive $35 Airbnb credit to go towards your stay.

Booking Websites We Love

Hotels Combined

As mentioned, Hotels combined is a great website for comparing prices across a range of websites to make sure you are getting the most competitive prices.


Agoda is our number 1 pick for booking accommodation in Bali. From our experience, they seem to have the most competitive prices and also list places that we haven’t found elsewhere.


Although we haven’t used it in Bali, only in Europe, we found Airbnb simple to use and a great way to look for alternative accommodation. In Bali, it’s great way to book villas/homes if you are travelling in a larger group and want to stay together.

Sign up to Airbnb here and get $28 AUD credit towards your first stay!

Hotels We’ve Reviewed

Here is a list of Bali Accommodation that we have personally stayed at and reviewed:

Search For Bali Hotels

Bali Packing List


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